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January 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 1Full Contents ]

Article: Building Educational Portals atop Digital Libraries
Authors: Sean Fox, Cathy Manduca, Ellen Iverson

Article: Trend Analysis of the Digital Library Community
Authors: Johan Bollen, Michael L. Nelson, Giridhar Manepalli, Giridhar Nandigam, Suchitra Manepalli

Article: Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories
Authors: Nancy Fried Foster, Susan Gibbons

Article: Transparent Format Migration of Preserved Web Content
Authors: David S. H. Rosenthal, Thomas Lipkis, Thomas S. Robertson, Seth Morabito


February 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 2Full Contents ]

Article: SRW/U with OAI: Expected and Unexpected Synergies
Authors: Robert Sanderson, Jeffrey Young, Ralph LeVan

Article: A Metadata Search Engine for Digital Language Archives
Authors: Baden Hughes, Amol Kamat

Article: Concepts and a Design for Fair Use and Privacy in DRM
Author: Pasi Tyrväinen

Article: The eXtensible Past : XML as a Means for Access to Historical Datasets and a Strategy for Digital Preservation
Authors: Annelies van Nispen, Rutger Kramer and René van Horik


March 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 3Full Contents ]

Article: The NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program: New Projects from Fiscal Year 2004
Author: Lee L. Zia

Article: NSDL MatDL: Exploring Digital Library Roles
Authors: Laura M. Bartolo, Cathy S. Lowe, Donald R. Sadoway, Adam C. Powell, Sharon C. Glotzer

Article: OCLC Research Publications Repository
Authors: Shirley Hyatt, Jeffrey A. Young

Article: Renewing the Information Infrastructure of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Author: Theo van Veen


April 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 4Full Contents ]

Article: Social Bookmarking Tools (I): A General Overview
Authors: Tony Hammond, Timo Hannay, Ben Lund, Joanna Scott

Article: Social Bookmarking Tools (II): A Case Study - Connotea
Authors: Ben Lund, Tony Hammond, Timo Hannay, Martin Flack

Article: Initial Experiences in Developing a Chronologically Organized Digital Library for Continuing Education in Biodefense
Authors: Donna M. D'Alessandro, Michael P. D'Alessandro

Article: Survey of the Providers of Electronic Publications Holding Contracts with Spanish University Libraries
Authors: Blanca Rodríguez Bravo and María Luisa Alvite Díez


May 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 5Full Contents ]

Article: The Museum and the Media Divide: Building and Using Digital Collections at the Instituto de Cultura Puertoriquena
Authors: W. Brent Seales and George V. Landon

Article: The Cultural Heritage Language Technologies Consortium
Author: Jeffrey Rydberg-Cox

Article: Influencing User Behavior through Digital Library Design: An Example from the Geosciences
Authors: Cathy A. Manduca, Ellen R. Iverson, Sean Fox, Flora McMartin

Article: What Readers Want: A Study of E-Fiction Usability
Authors: Chrysanthi Malama, Monica Landoni, Ruth Wilson


June 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 6Full Contents ]

Commentary: Plenty of Room at the Bottom? Personal Digital Libraries and Collections
Author: Neil Beagrie

Article: A Standards-based Solution for the Accurate Transfer of Digital Assets
Authors: Jeroen Bekaert, Herbert Van de Sompel

Article: Digital Preservation: Architecture and Technology for Trusted Digital Repositories
Authors: Ronald Jantz, Michael J. Giarlo

Article: Building Interoperability for United Kingdom Historic Environment Information Resources
Author: Edmund Lee


July/August 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: A Tenth Anniversary for D-Lib Magazine
Authors: Bonita Wilson, Allison L. Powell

Article: Really 10 Years Old?
Author: Amy Friedlander

Article: Whence Leadership?
Author: Ronald L. Larsen

Article: Funding for Digital Libraries Research: Past and Present
Author: Stephen M. Griffin

Article: Digital Libraries: Challenges and Influential Work
Author: William H. Mischo

Article: Where Do We Go From Here? The Next Decade for Digital Libraries
Author: Clifford Lynch

Article: A Viewpoint Analysis of the Digital Library
Author: William A. Arms

Article: Dewey Meets Turing: Librarians, Computer Scientists, and the Digital Libraries Initiative
Authors: Andreas Paepcke, Hector Garcia-Molina, Rebecca Wesley

Article: Border Crossings: Reflections on a Decade of Metadata Consensus Building
Author: Stuart L. Weibel


September 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 9Full Contents ]

Article: Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries
Authors: Brian Lavoie, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Lorcan Dempsey

Article: Academic Institutional Repositories: Deployment Status in 13 Nations as of Mid 2005
Authors: Gerard van Westrienen, Clifford A. Lynch

Article: Institutional Repository Deployment in the United States as of Early 2005
Authors: Clifford A. Lynch, Joan K. Lippincott

Article: An Examination of Citation Counts in a New Scholarly Communication Environment
Authors: Kathleen Bauer and Nisa Bakkalbasi

Article: StoneD: A Bridge between Greenstone and DSpace
Authors: Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge, Chi-Yu Huang, Katherine J. Don, Robert Tansley

Article: Parallel Text Searching on a Beowulf Cluster using SRW
Authors: Ralph R. LeVan, Thomas B. Hickey, Jenny Toves

Article: Social Terminology Enhancement through Vernacular Engagement: Exploring Collaborative Annotation to Encourage Interaction with Museum Collections
Authors: David Bearman, Jennifer Trant


October 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 10Full Contents ]

Article: The CREE Project: Investigating User Requirements for Searching within Institutional Environments
Authors: Chris Awre, Ian Dolphin, Gabriel Hanganu, Tony Brett, Caroline Ingram

Article: Using Machine Learning to Support Quality Judgments
Authors: Myra Custard, Tamara Sumner

Article: Hierarchical Catalog Records: Implementing a FRBR Catalog
Authors: David Mimno, Gregory Crane, Alison Jones

Article: Development and Assessment of a Public Discovery and Delivery Interface for a Fedora Repository
Author: Leslie Johnston

Article: Exploiting "Light-weight" Protocols and Open Source Tools to Implement Digital Library Collections and Services
Authors: Xiaorong Xiang, Eric Lease Morgan

Article: Lund Virtual Medical Journal Makes Self-Archiving Attractive and Easy for Authors
Author: Yvonne Hultman Özek


November 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 11Full Contents ]

Opinion: Public Domain Art in an Age of Easier Mechanical Reproducibility
Author: Kenneth Hamma

Commentary: What is a Digital Library Anymore, Anyway? Beyond Search and Access in the NSDL
Authors: Carl Lagoze, Dean B. Krafft, Sandy Payette, Susan Jesuroga

Article: Requirements for Digital Preservation Systems: A Bottom-Up Approach
Authors: David S. H. Rosenthal, Thomas Robertson, Tom Lipkis, Vicky Reich, Seth Morabito

Article: Questions & Challenges Arising in Building the Collection of a Digital Library for Education: Lessons from Five Years of DLESE
Authors: Kim Kastens, Barbara DeFelice, Holly Devaul, Kathryn Ginger, Christopher DiLeonardo, Suzanne Larsen, David Mogk, Sharon Tahirkheli


December 2005 – Volume 11 Issue 12Full Contents ]

Article: AIHT: Conceptual Issues from Practical Tests
Author:Clay Shirky

Article: Harvard's Perspective on the Archive Ingest and Handling Test
Authors: Stephen Abrams, Stephen Chapman, Dale Flecker, Sue Kreigsman, Julian Marinus, Gary McGath, Robin Wendler

Article: The Archive Ingest and Handling Test: The Johns Hopkins University Report
Authors: Tim DiLauro, Mark Patton, David Reynolds, G. Sayeed Choudhury

Article: Archive Ingest and Handling Test: The Old Dominion University Approach
Authors: Michael L. Nelson, Johan Bollen, Giridhar Manepalli, Rabia Haq

Article: The AIHT at Stanford University: Automated Preservation Assessment of Heterogeneous Digital Collections
Authors: Richard Anderson, Hannah Frost, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Keith Johnson

Article: Parallel Worlds: Online Games and Digital Information Services
Author: John Kirriemuir

Article: Open Access Federation for Library and Information Science: dLIST and DL-Harvest
Authors: Anita Coleman, Joseph Roback

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