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January/February 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: Digital Object Repository Server: A Component of the Digital Object Architecture
Authors: Sean Reilly, Robert Tupelo-Schneck

Article: Technologies Employed to Control Access to or Use of Digital Cultural Collections: Controlled Online Collections
Authors: Kristin R. Eschenfelder, Grace Agnew

Article: The Use of Metadata for Educational Resources in Digital Repositories: Practices and Perspectives
Authors: Dimitrios A. Koutsomitropoulos, Andreas D. Alexopoulos, Georgia D. Solomou, Theodore S. Papatheodorou

Article: RDA Vocabularies: Process, Outcome, Use
Authors: Diane Hillmann, Karen Coyle, Jon Phipps, Gordon Dunsire

Article: D-Lib Magazine: Its First 13 Years
Author: Taemin Kim Park

Article: Tagging Full Text Searchable Articles: An Overview of Social Tagging Activity in Historic Australian Newspapers August 2008 — August 2009
Author: Rose Holley

Article: FERPA and Student Work: Considerations for Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Authors: Marisa Ramirez, Gail McMillan

Article: The Virtual Journals of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics
Authors: Richard H. Cyburt, Sam M. Austin, Timothy C. Beers, Alfredo Estrade, Ryan M. Ferguson, Alexander Sakharuk, Hendrik Schatz, Karl Smith, Scott Warren

Conference Report: e-Science for Musicology Workshop Report
Author: Richard Lewis

Conference Report: Cloud Computing, Big Data, and Open Access at EDUCAUSE 2009
Author: Carol Minton Morris


March/April 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 3/4Full Contents ]

Article: Realizing and Maintaining Aggregative Digital Library Systems: D-NET Software Toolkit and OAIster System
Authors: Paolo Manghi, Marko Mikulicic, Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli, Pasquale Pagano

Article: Using Omeka to Build Digital Collections: The METRO Case Study
Authors: Jason Kucsma, Kevin Reiss, Angela Sidman

Article: Museum Data Exchange: Learning How to Share
Authors: Günter Waibel, Ralph LeVan, Bruce Washburn

Article: Crowdsourcing: How and Why Should Libraries Do It?
Author: Rose Holley

Opinion: An Approach to Open Access Author Payment
Author: Donald W. King

Conference Report: Berlin 7: Open Access Reaching Diverse Communities
Author: Elena Giglia


May/June 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Article: Overview of Digital Library Developments in China
Authors: Xihui Zhen

Article: Building the New-generation China Academic Digital Library Information System (CADLIS): A Review and Prospectus
Authors: Wang Wenqing and Chen Ling

Article: China National Science and Technology Digital Library (NSTL)
Authors: Qiao Xiaodong, Liang Bing, Yao Changqing

Article: The National Digital LIbrary Project
Authors: Wei Dawei, Sun Yigang


July/August 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: nature.com OpenSearch: A Case Study in OpenSearch and SRU Integration
Author: Tony Hammond

Article: Document Management in the Open University of Catalunya (UOC) Classrooms
Author: Albert Cervera

Article: The Benefits of Integrating an Information Literacy Skills Game into Academic Coursework: A Preliminary Evaluation
Authors: Karen Markey, Fritz Swanson, Chris Leeder, Brian J. Jennings, Beth St. Jean, Victor Rosenberg, Soo Young Rieh, Robert L. Frost, Loyd Mbabu, Andrew Calvetti, Gregory R. Peters, Jr., Geoffrey V. Carter, Averill Packard

Article: Semantically Enhancing Collections of Library and Non-Library Content
Authors: James E. Powell, Linn Marks Collins, Mark L. B. Martinez

Opinion: No-Fault Peer Review Charges: The Price of Selectivity Need Not Be Access Denied or Delayed
Author: Stevan Harnad

Conference Report: Report on the 2009 Joint CENDI/NKOS Workshop - Knowledge Organization Systems: Managing to the Future
Author: Marcia Lei Zeng


September/October 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 9/10Full Contents ]

Article: Designing and Implementing Second Generation Digital Preservation Services: A Scalable Model for the Stanford Digital Repository
Authors: Tom Cramer, Katherine Kott

Article: A Checklist and a Case for Documenting PREMIS-METS Decisions in a METS Profile
Author: Sally Vermaaten

Article: Representation and Recognition of Subject Repositories
Authors: Jessica Adamick, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen

Article: The Simple Publishing Interface (SPI)
Authors: Stefaan Ternier, David Massart, Michael Totschnig, Joris Klerkx, Erik Duval

Article: Development Strategy for High-Quality Science and Technology Journals in China
Authors: Yao Changqing, Qiao Xiaodong

Conference Report: Making Repositories Mean More: Report on the Fifth International Conference on Open Repositories 2010
Author: Carol Minton Morris


November/December 2010 – Volume 16 Issue 11/12Full Contents ]

Article: Taming the Metadata Beast: ILOX
Authors: David Massart, Elena Shulman, Nick Nicholas, Nigel Ward, Frédéric Bergeron

Article: PDF/A: A Viable Addition to the Preservation Toolkit
Authors: Daniel W. Noonan, Amy McCrory, Elizabeth L. Black

Article: Trends in Large-Scale Subject Repositories
Authors: Jessica Adamick, Rebecca Reznik-Zellen

Article: Federated Content Rights Management for Research and Academic Publications Using the Handle System
Authors: Guo Xiaofeng, Li Ying, Sam X. Sun

Opinion: The Strongest Link: Libraries and Linked Data
Authors: Gillian Byrne, Lisa Goddard

Conference Report: Preliminary Report on the 2010-2011 DigCCurr Professional Institute: Curation Practices for the Digital Object Lifecycle
Authors: Kaitlin Light Costello, Michael E. Brown

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