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January 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 1Full Contents ]

Article: Clarifying Search: A User-Interface Framework for Text Searches
Authors: Ben Shneiderman, Don Byrd, W. Bruce Croft

Article: Ad-Hoc Classification of Electronic Clinical Documents
Authors: David B. Aronow, Fangfang Feng

Article: Image Description on the Internet: A Summary of the CNI/OCLC Image Metadata Workshop September 24 - 25, 1996, Dublin, Ohio
Authors: Stuart Weibel, Eric Miller

Article: JSTOR: An IP Practitioner's Perspective
Author: Sarah E. Sully


February 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 2Full Contents ]

Article: The Professional Magazine and Parallel Publishing
Author: John MacColl

Article: The Professional Web-zine and Parallel Publishing: the Web Version
Author: John Kirriemuir

Article: Finding Images/Video in Large Archives: Columbia's Content-Based Visual Query Project
Authors: Shih-Fu Chang, John R. Smith, Horace J. Meng, Hualu Wang, Di Zhong

Article: An Architecture for Information in Digital Libraries
Authors: William Y. Arms, Christophe Blanchi, Edward A. Overly

Article: Hand-Made in Iowa: Organizing the Web Along the Lincoln Highway
Author: Gerry McKiernan


March 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 3Full Contents ]

Article: Digital Language Access: Scripts, Transliteration, and Computer Access
Author: John Clews

Article: SOS-SD: A Data Warehouse-Based System for the Optimized Selection of Spatial Data     [French Version]
Authors: François Létourneau, Yvan Bédard, Marie-Josée Proulx

Article: What's Wrong with Internet Searching
Authors: Annabel Pollock, Andrew Hockley

Article: Java and Libraries: Digital and Otherwise
Author: Paul Jones

Article: Sink or Swim? The U.S. Navy Virtual Library (NVL)
Authors: Bob Norris, Denise Duncan


April 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 4Full Contents ]

Article: Relaxing Assumptions . . . Stretching the Vision: A Modest View of Some Technical Issues
Author: Ronald L. Larsen

Article: Relaxing Assumptions about the Future of Digital Libraries: The Hare and the Tortoise
Author: William Y. Arms

Article: The Z39.50 Information Retrieval Standard: Part I: A Strategic View of Its Past, Present and Future
Author: Clifford A. Lynch

Article: Z39.50: The User's Perspective
Authors: Sandra D. Payette, Oya Y. Rieger

Article: Fear of Offending: A Note on Educators, the Internet, and the Bible Browser
Author: Richard L. Goerwitz

Article: OhioLINK: A Consortial Approach to Digital Library Management
Author: David Barber


May 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 5Full Contents ]

Article: The New Zealand Digital Library MELody inDEX
Authors: Rodger J. McNab, Lloyd A. Smith, David Bainbridge, Ian H. Witten

Article: Across Languages, Across Cultures: Issues in Multilinguality and Digital Libraries
Authors: Carol Peters, Eugenio Picchi

Article: Just-in-Time Conversion, Just-in-Case Collections: Effectively Leveraging Rich Document Formats for the WWW
Author: John Price-Wilkin

Article: Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Assuring Convenient Security and Data Quality
Authors: Henry M. Gladney, J. B. Lotspiech

Article: Data Modeling for News Clip Archive: A Prototype Solution
Authors: Robert C. Plotkin, Michael S. Schwartz


June 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 6Full Contents ]

Article: Sui Generis Database Protection: Has Its Time Come?
Authors: Jonathan Band, Jonathan S. Gowdy

Article: From Static to Dynamic Surrogates: Resource Discovery in the Digital Age
Author: Carl Lagoze

Article: The 4th Dublin Core Metadata Workshop Report: DC-4, March 3 - 5, 1997, National Library of Australia, Canberra
Authors: Stuart Weibel, Renato Iannella, Warwick Cathro

Article: Paying Their Way: Commercial Digital Libraries for the 21st Century
Authors: Innes A. Ferguson, Michael J. Wooldridge

Article: Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Document Access Control
Author: Henry M. Gladney

Article: Multi-Media, Multi-Cultural, and Multi-Lingual Digital Libraries, Or How Do We Exchange Data In 400 Languages?
Author: Christine L. Borgman

Article: Workshop Report: The Technology of Terms and Conditions
Authors: James R. Davis, Judith L. Klavans


July/August 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: The User Community as Responsibility and Resource: Building a Sustainable Digital Library
Author: David Seaman

Article: JSTOR: From Project to Independent Organization
Author: Kevin M. Guthrie

Article: The Digital Library Research Agenda: What's Missing – and How Humanities Textbase Projects Can Help
Author: Allen Renear

Article: The Model Editions Partnership: "Smart Text" and Beyond
Author: David R. Chesnutt

Article: SGML Creation and Delivery: The Humanities Text Initiative
Authors: Christina Kelleher Powell, Nigel Kerr

Article: Making of America: Online Searching and Page Presentation at the University of Michigan
Authors: Elizabeth J. Shaw, Sarr Blumson

Article: Markup and Conversion of Japanese Classical Texts Using SGML in the National Institute of Japanese Literature
Authors: Shoichiro Hara, Hisashi Yasunagat

Article: Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Digital Images of Treasured Antiquities
Authors: Henry M. Gladney, F.C. Mintzer, F. Schiattarella

Article: Beyond Word and Image: Networking Moving Images -- More Than Just the "Movies"
Author: David Green

Article: Electronic Records Research Working Meeting, May 28-30, 1997: A Report from the Archives Community
Authors: David Bearman, Jennifer Trant


September 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 9Full Contents ]

Article: Fundamental Science and Federal Management Reform
Author: Eileen Collins

Article: Antique Books
Authors: Robert Thibadeau, Evan Benoit

Article: Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Protecting Documents Rather Than Channels
Authors: Ulrich Kohl, Jeffrey Lotspiech, Marc A. Kaplan

Article: Software Agent-Oriented Frameworks Meet Georeferenced Digital Library Interoperability
Authors: Zakaria Maamar, Bernard Moulin, Yvan Bédard, Gilbert Babin

Article: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: An International Effort Unlocking University Resources
Authors: Edward A. Fox, John L. Eaton, Gail McMillan, Neill A. Kipp, Paul Mather, Tim McGonigle, William Schweiker, Brian DeVane


October 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 10Full Contents ]

Article: A Multilingual Electronic Text Collection of Folk Tales for Casual Users Using Off-the-Shelf Browsers
Authors: Myriam Dartois, Akira Maeda, Tetsuo Sakaguchi, Takehisa Fujita, Shigeo Sugimoto, and Koichi Tabata

Article: The NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library: The Challenges of the Scientific Data Library
Author: Raymond L. Plante

Article: Progressive Content-Based Retrieval from Satellite Image Archives
Authors: Lawrence D. Bergman, Vittorio Castelli, Chung-Sheng Li


November 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 11Full Contents ]

Article: Extending the Warwick Framework: From Metadata Containers to Active Digital Objects
Authors: Ron Daniel, Jr., Carl Lagoze

Article: THETIS: Design of a Data Management and Data Visualization System for Coastal Zone Management of the Mediterranean Sea
Authors: Catherine Houstis, Christos Nikolaou, Manolis Marazakis, Nicholas Patrikalakis, Jakka Sairamesh, Anthony Tomasic

Article: Development of the Digital Ranch: A Lot of Bull on the Net!
Authors: Amanda Spink, Jane Hicks


December 1997 – Volume 3 Issue 12Full Contents ]

Article: Serving Users in Many Languages: Cross-Language Information Retrieval for Digital Libraries
Author: Douglas W. Oard

Article: Quantitative Literacy: New Website for Federal Statistics Provides Research Opportunities
Authors: Alan R. Tupek, Cathryn S. Dippo

Article: Digital Libraries and Special Libraries: Initial Concerns of Special Libraries in the Social Welfare Sector
Authors: Mark Watson, David Streatfield

Article: Dublin Core Metadata in the RLG Information Landscape
Author: Willy Cromwell-Kessler

Article: Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Digital Watermarking
Authors: Fred Mintzer, Jeffrey Lotspiech, Norishige Morimoto

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