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January 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 1Full Contents ]

Opinion: Commercial Digital Libraries and the Academic Community: How New Firms Might Develop New Relationships between "Publisher" and Higher Education
Author: Gregory Crane

Article: Keeping Dublin Core Simple: Cross-Domain Discovery or Resource Description?
Author: Carl Lagoze

Article: First Steps in an Information Commerce Economy: Digital Rights Management in the Emerging E-Book Environment
Author: Eamonn Neylon

Article: Interoperability: Digital Rights Management and the Emerging EBook Environment
Author: Stephen Mooney

Article: Searching the Deep Web: Directed Query Engine Applications at the Department of Energy
Authors: Walter L. Warnick, R.L. Scott, Karen J. Spence, Lorrie A. Johnson, Valerie S. Allen, Abe Lederman


February 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 2Full Contents ]

Article: Strike Up the Score: Deriving Searchable and Playable Digital Formats from Sheet Music
Authors: G. Sayeed Choudhury, Tim DiLauro, Michael Droettboom, Ichiro Fujinaga, Karl MacMillan

Article: Smart Objects and Open Archives
Authors: Michael L. Nelson, Kurt Maly

Article: Building the Archives of the Future: Advances in Preserving Electronic Records at the National Archives and Records Administration
Author: Kenneth Thibodeau

Article: From the Digitized to the Digital Library
Author: Manfred Thaller


March 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 3Full Contents ]

Opinion: The Librarians' Dilemma: Contemplating the Costs of the "Big Deal"
Author: Kenneth Frazier

Article: Growing a National Learning Environments and Resources Network for Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education: Current Issues and Opportunities for the NSDL Program
Author: Lee L. Zia

Article: Open Linking in the Scholarly Information Environment Using the OpenURL Framework
Authors: Herbert Van de Sompel, Oren Beit-Arie

Article: The HeadLine Personal Information Environment: Evaluation Phase One
Author: Anne Gambles


April 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 4Full Contents ]

Article: Arc - An OAI Service Provider for Digital Library Federation
Authors: Xiaoming Liu, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Michael L. Nelson

Article: Kepler - An OAI Data/Service Provider for the Individual
Authors: Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Xiaoming Liu

Article: Information Objects and Rights Management: A Mediation-based Approach to DRM Interoperability
Author: John S. Erickson

Article: Automated Name Authority Control and Enhanced Searching in the Levy Collection
Authors: Tim DiLauro, G. Sayeed Choudhury, Mark Patton, James W. Warner, Elizabeth W. Brown

Article: Renardus Project Developments and the Wider Digital Library Context
Authors: Rachel Heery, Leona Carpenter, Michael Day


May 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 5Full Contents ]

Article: Representing Value as Digital Objects: A Discussion of Transferability and Anonymity
Authors: Robert E. Kahn, Patrice A. Lyons

Article: Digital Library Initiatives of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Author: Ewald Brahms

Article: CrossRef Turns One
Author: Amy Brand


June 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 6Full Contents ]

Article: A Content Standard for Computational Models
Authors: Linda L. Hill, Scott J. Crosier, Terence R. Smith, Michael Goodchild

Article: Digital Rights Management (DRM) Architectures
Author: Renato Iannella

Article: A Digital Object Approach to Interoperable Rights Management: Finely-grained Policy Enforcement Enabled by a Digital Object Infrastructure
Author: John S. Erickson

Article: LOCKSS: A Permanent Web Publishing and Access System
Authors: Vicky Reich, David S.H. Rosenthal


July/August 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Opinion: The New Digital Divide: Dissecting Aggregator Exclusivity Deals
Author: Steven J. Bell

Article: Generalizing the OpenURL Framework beyond References to Scholarly Works: The Bison-Futé Model
Authors: Herbert Van de Sompel, Oren Beit-Arie

Article: Digital Libraries and Education: Trends and Opportunities
Author: Hans Roes

Article: E-Books and Their Future in Academic Libraries: An Overview
Author: Lucia Snowhill

Article: Penn State Visual Image User Study
Authors: Henry Pisciotta, Roger Brisson, Eric Ferrin, Michael Dooris, Amanda Spink


September 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 9Full Contents ]

Article: Linking to the Appropriate Copy: Report of a DOI-Based Prototype
Authors: Oren Beit-Arie, Miriam Blake, Priscilla Caplan, Dale Flecker, Tim Ingoldsby, Laurence W. Lannom, William H. Mischo, Edward Pentz, Sally Rogers, Herbert Van de Sompel

Article: Preserving Scholarly E-Journals
Author: Dale Flecker

Article: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: Bridging the Gaps for Global Access - Part 1: Mission and Progress
Authors: Hussein Suleman, Anthony Atkins, Marcos A. Gonçalves, Robert K. France, Edward A. Fox, Vinod Chachra, Murray Crowder, Jeff Young

Article: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: Bridging the Gaps for Global Access - Part 2: Services and Research
Authors: Hussein Suleman, Anthony Atkins, Marcos A. Gonçalves, Robert K. France, Edward A. Fox, Vinod Chachra, Murray Crowder, Jeff Young

Article: HILT - High-Level Theasaurus Project: Building Consensus for Interoperable Subject Access across Communities
Authors: Susannah Wake, Dennis Nicholson


October 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 10Full Contents ]

Article: Public Access to Digital Material
Authors: Brewster Kahle, Rick Prelinger, Mary E. Jackson

Article: A Call to Researchers: Digital Libraries Need Collaboration Across Disciplines
Authors: Kevin W. Boyack, Brian N. Wylie, George S. Davidson

Article: Greenstone: Open-Source Digital Library Software
Authors: Ian H. Witten, David Bainbridge, Stefan J. Boddie

Article: Retrieval Issues for the Colorado Digitization Project's Heritage Database
Author: William A. Garrison


November 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 11Full Contents ]

Article: The NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program: New Projects and a Progress Report
Author: Lee L. Zia

Article: Lessons Learned: The Development of Electronic Reserves at the University of Calgary
Author: Linda Pearce

Article: A Challenging Future Awaits Libraries Able to Change: Highlights of the International Summer School on the Digital Library
Author: Jola G.B. Prinsen

Article: DISA: Insights of an African Model for Digital Library Development
Authors: Dale Peters, Michele Pickover

Article: Organizing Ready Reference and Administrative Information with the Reference Desk Manager
Authors: John C. Matylonek, Carolyn Ottow Terry Reese


December 2001 – Volume 7 Issue 12Full Contents ]

Article: Distributed Interoperable Metadata Registry
Authors: Christophe Blanchi, Jason Petrone

Article: How Do Physicists Use an E-Print Archive?
Author: Stephen Pinfield

Article: A Framework for Building Open Digital Libraries
Authors: Hussein Suleman, Edward A. Fox

Article: Implementing Digital Sanborn Maps for Ohio: OhioLINK and OPLIN Collaborative Project
Authors: Charly Bauer, Carol Lynn Roddy

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