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January 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 1Full Contents ]

Opinion: Beyond the Scriptorium: The Role of the Library in Text Encoding
Author: Suzana Sukovic

Article: A Spectrum of Interoperability: The Site for Science Prototype for the NSDL
Authors: William Y. Arms, Diane Hillmann, Carl Lagoze, Dean Krafft, Richard Marisa, John Saylor, Carol Terrizzi, Herbert Van de Sompel

Article: Re-inventing the Wheel? Standards, Interoperability and Digital Cultural Content
Authors: Tony Gill, Paul Miller

Article: Preservation Risk Management for Web Resources: Virtual Remote Control in Cornell's Project Prism
Authors: Anne R. Kenney, Nancy Y. McGovern, Peter Botticelli, Richard Entlich, Carl Lagoze, Sandra Payette

Article: Safekeeping: A Cooperative Approach to Building a Digital Preservation Resource
Authors: Hilary Berthon, Susan Thomas, Colin Webb

Article: Object Persistence and Availability in Digital Libraries
Authors: Michael L. Nelson, B. Danette Allen

Article: Illinois Digital Cultural Heritage Community - Collaborative Interactions among Libraries, Museums and Elementary Schools
Authors: Nuala A. Bennett, Beth Sandore, Evangeline S. Pianfetti


February 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 2Full Contents ]

Opinion: Digital Preservation and Deep Infrastructure
Author: Stewart Granger

Article: Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Progress Report and Workplan for 2002
Authors: Makx Dekkers, Stuart L. Weibel

Article: Video Gaming, Education and Digital Learning Technologies: Relevance and Opportunities
Author: John Kirriemuir

Article: Digital Collections of Real World Objects
Authors: Hendrik P.A. Lensch, Michael Goesele, Hans-Peter Seidel

Article: The MusArt Music-Retrieval System: An Overview
Authors: William Birmingham, Bryan Pardo, Colin Meek, Jonah Shifrin

Article: eML: Taking Mississippi Libraries into the 21st Century
Authors: Renée Goodvin, Brooke Lippy


March 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 3Full Contents ]

Article: Digital Division Is Cultural Exclusion. But Is Digital Inclusion Cultural Inclusion?
Author: Karen Worcman

Article: We Come from around the World and Share Similar Visions
Author: Maurita Peterson Holland

Article: Oksale: An Indigenous Approach to Creating a Virtual Library of Education Resources
Authors: Loriene Roy, Peter Larsen

Article: Whose Rules? Intellectual Property, Culture and Indigenous Communities
Author: Michael Seadle


April 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 4Full Contents ]

Article: The National Digital Information Infrastructure Preservation Program: Expectations, Realities, Choices and Progress to Date
Author: Amy Friedlander

Article: Metadata Principles and Practicalities
Authors: Erik Duval, Wayne Hodgins, Stuart Sutton, Stuart L. Weibel

Article: Challenges for Service Providers When Importing Metadata in Digital Libraries
Authors: Marilyn McClelland, David McArthur, Sarah Giersch, Gary Geisler

Article: Integrated and Aggregated Reference Services: The Automation of Drudgery
Author: Adam Hodgkin


May 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 5Full Contents ]

Article: A Metadata Registry for the Semantic Web
Authors: Rachel Heery, Harry Wagner

Article: Meta-Design of a Community Digital Library
Authors: Michael Wright, Mary Marlino, Tamara Sumner

Article: Levels of Service for Digital Repositories
Author: William G. LeFurgy

Article: Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights: A Digital Library Context
Author: Robert Sullivan


June 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 6Full Contents ]

Opinion: Building the Biodiversity Commons
Author: Thomas Moritz

Article: Primary Multimedia Objects and 'Educational Metadata': A Fundamental Dilemma for Developers of Multimedia Archives
Author: Paul Shabajee

Article: Evaluation of Digital Library Impact and User Communities by Analysis of Usage Patterns
Authors: Johan Bollen, Rick Luce


July/August 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: A Framework for Evaluating Digital Library Services
Authors: Sayeed Choudhury, Benjamin Hobbs, Mark Lorie, Nicholas Flores

Article: Interdisciplinarity: The Road Ahead for Education in Digital Libraries
Author: Anita Coleman

Article: Federated Digital Rights Management: A Proposed DRM Solution for Research and Education
Authors: Mairéad Martin, David L. Kuhlman, John H. McNair, William A. Rhodes, Ron Tipton, Grace Agnew

Article: Learning Lessons Holistically in the Glasgow Digital Library
Authors: Dennis Nicholson, George Macgregor

Article: Digitizing Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps™ for a Full Color, Publicly Accessible Collection
Author: Kenning Arlitsch

Article: My Library at Virginia Commonwealth University: Third Year Evaluation
Author: James Ghaphery


September 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 9Full Contents ]

Article: Evaluation Methodologies for Information Management Systems
Author: Emile L. Morse

Article: Building Digital Tobacco Industry Document Libraries at the University of California, San Francisco Library/Center for Knowledge Management
Authors: Heidi Schmidt, Karen Butter, Cynthia Rider

Article: Experiments with the IFLA Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)
Authors: Thomas B. Hickey, Edward T. O'Neill, Jenny Toves

Article: Coming to TERM: Designing the Texas Email Repository Model
Authors: Marlan Green, Sue Soy, Stan Gunn, Patricia Galloway


October 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 10Full Contents ]

Article: Comparing Library and User Related Costs of Print and Electronic Journal Collections: A First Step Towards a Comprehensive Analysis
Authors: Carol Hansen Montgomery, Donald W. King

Article: Open Citation Linking: The Way Forward
Authors: Steve Hitchcock, Tim Brody, Christopher Gutteridge, Les Carr, Wendy Hall, Stevan Harnad, Donna Bergmark, Carl Lagoze

Article: Toward a Global Digital Library: Generalizing US-Korea Collaboration on Digital Libraries
Authors: Edward A. Fox, Reagan W. Moore, Ronald L. Larsen, Sung Hyon Myaeng, Sung-Hyuk Kim

Article: Information Retrieval by Semantic Analysis and Visualization of the Concept Space of D-Lib® Magazine
Authors: Junliang Zhang, Javed Mostafa, Himansu Tripathy


November 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 11Full Contents ]

Opinion: Institutional Repositories: Partnering with Faculty to Enhance Scholarly Communication
Author: Richard K. Johnson

Article: The NSF National Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Digital Library (NSDL) Program: New Projects in Fiscal Year 2002
Author: Lee L. Zia

Article: Software for Building a Full-Featured Discipline-Based Web Portal: The Scout Portal Toolkit
Authors: Edward Almasy, David Sleasman, Rachael Bower

Article: A Metadata Framework Developed at the Tsinghua University Library to Aid in the Preservation of Digital Resources
Author: Jingfang Niu

Article: A Scalable Architecture for Harvest-Based Digital Libraries: The ODU/Southampton Experiments
Authors: Xiaoming Liu, Kurt Maly, Mohammad Zubair, Michael L. Nelson, Tim Brody, Stevan Harnad, Les Carr

Article: The Design and Evaluation of Interactivities in a Digital Library
Authors: Muniram Budhu, Anita Coleman


December 2002 – Volume 8 Issue 12Full Contents ]

Opinion: A Framework for Digital Library Research: Broadening the Vision
Author: Dagobert Soergel

Article: Uncovering Information Hidden in Web Archives: A Glimpse at Web Analysis Building on Data Warehouses
Authors: Andreas Rauber, Robert M. Bruckner, Andreas Aschenbrenner, Oliver Witvoet, Max Kaiser

Article: Towards Continuous Web Archiving: First Results and an Agenda for the Future
Author: Julien Masanès

Article: The Open Video Digital Library
Authors: Gary Marchionini, Gary Geisler

Article: After Migration to an Electronic Journal Collection: Impact on Faculty and Doctoral Students
Authors: Donald W. King, Carol Hansen Montgomery

Article: Who Is Reading On-line Education Journals? Why? And What Are They Reading?
Authors: Lawrence M. Rudner, Jennifer S. Gellmann, Marie Miller-Whitehead

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