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January/February 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: Institutional Repositories: Exploration of Costs and Value
Authors: C. Sean Burns, Amy Lana and John M. Budd

Article: 'Oh, you wanted us to preserve that?!' Statements of Preservation Intent for the National Library of Australia's Digital Collections
Authors: Colin Webb, David Pearson and Paul Koerbin

Article: A Technical Framework for Resource Synchronization
Authors: Martin Klein, Robert Sanderson, Herbert Van de Sompel, Simeon Warner, Bernhard Haslhofer, Carl Lagoze, Michael L. Nelson

Article: Archiving and Recovering Database-driven Websites
Author: Michael Rumianek

Article: Planting the Green Seeds for a Golden Harvest: Comments and Clarifications on "Going for Gold"
Authors: John Houghton, Alma Swan

Conference Report: 2012 CNI Fall Membership Meeting: Scholarship for the Future
Author: Carol Minton Morris


March/April 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 3/4Full Contents ]

Article: Adding Value to Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Institutional Repositories
Author: Joachim Schöpfel

Article: Using Wikipedia to Enhance the Visibility of Digitized Archival Assets
Author: Michael Szajewski

Article: The Digital-Surrogate Seal of Approval: a Consumer-oriented Standard
Authors: James A. Jacobs, James R. Jacobs

Article: A Mobile Interface for DSpace
Author: Elías Tzoc

Article: Automating Library Stock Ordering from Reading Lists
Authors: J. P. Knight, G. P. Brewerton, J. L. Cooper

Article: What do Librarians Need to Know About MOOCs?
Author: Forrest Wright

Conference Report: Report on the First iPres Workshop on Practical Emulation Tools and Strategies
Authors: Dirk von Suchodoletz, Klaus Rechert, Mark Guttenbrunner

Conference Report: Semantic Search: Magnet for the Needle in the Search Haystack; Report on the 2012 Joint NKOS/CENDI Workshop
Authors: Marcia Lei Zeng, Gail Hodge


May/June 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Article: NDSA Storage Report: Reflections on National Digital Stewardship Alliance Member Approaches to Preservation Storage Technologies
Authors: Micah Altman, Jefferson Bailey, Karen Cariani, Michelle Gallinger, Jane Mandelbaum, Trevor Owens

Article: Choosing a Sustainable Web Archiving Method: A Comparison of Capture Quality
Authors: Gabriella Gray, Scott Martin

Article: A Model for Providing Web 2.0 Services to Cultural Heritage Institutions: The IMLS DCC Flickr Feasibility Study
Authors: Jacob Jett, Megan Senseney, Carole L. Palmer

Article: Unlocking Open Educational Resources (OERs) Interaction Data
Authors: David Massart and Elena Shulman

Conference Report: "Curate Thyself" and the DigCCurr Experts' Meeting: Communication, Collaboration, and Strategy in Digital Curation Education
Author: Alex H. Poole

Conference Report: Developing Cyberinfrastructure for Earth Science: an Opportunity for Collaboration
Author: Sarah Ramdeen


July/August 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: Rethinking the Digital Media Library for RIT's The Wallace Center
Author: April Younglove

Article: Using Data Curation Profiles to Design the Datastar Dataset Registry
Authors: Sarah J. Wright, Wendy A. Kozlowski, Dianne Dietrich, Huda J. Khan and Gail S. Steinhart, Leslie McIntosh

Article: Drawing the Blueprint As We Build: Setting Up a Library-based Copyright and Permissions Service for MOOCs
Authors: Lauren Fowler, Kevin Smith

Article: Model-Oriented Information Organization: Part 1, The Entity-Event Fabric
Author: Robert B. Allen

Article: Model-Oriented Information Organization: Part 2, Discourse Relationships
Author: Robert B. Allen


September/October 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 9/10Full Contents ]

Guest Editorial: Scientific Publications: Gathering Data, Extracting Information, and Following Trends
Authors: Petr Knoth, Zdenek Zdrahal, Nuno Freire, Markus Muhr

Article: A Real-time Heuristic-based Unsupervised Method for Name Disambiguation in Digital Libraries
Authors: Muhammad Imran, Syed Zeeshan Haider Gillani, Maurizio Marchese

Article: Extraction of References Using Layout and Formatting Information from Scientific Articles
Authors: Roman Kern, Stefan Klampfl

Article: Bringing Order to Digital Libraries: From Keyphrase Extraction to Index Term Assignment
Authors: Nicolai Erbs, Iryna Gurevych, Marc Rittberger

Article: Exploring Research Trends with Rexplore
Authors: Francesco Osborne, Enrico Motta

Article: Multi-year Content Analysis of User Facility Related Publications
Authors: Robert M. Patton, Christopher G. Stahl, Jayson B. Hines, Thomas E. Potok, Jack C. Wells

Conference Report: 2013 Open Repositories Conference Highlights: Repository Island in Sea of Research Data
Author: Carol Minton Morris


November/December 2013 – Volume 19 Issue 11/12Full Contents ]

Article: Growing Institutional Support for Data Citation: Results of a Partnership Between Griffith University and the Australian National Data Service
Authors: Natasha Simons, Karen Visser, Sam Searle

Article: A Method for Identifying Personalized Representations in the Archives
Authors: Mat Kelly, Justin F. Brunelle, Michele C. Weigle, Michael L. Nelson

Article: Descriptive Metadata for Field Books: Methods and Practices of the Field Book Project
Authors: Sonoe Nakasone, Carolyn Sheffield

Article: Providing Access to Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Case Study from Togo
Authors: Joachim Schöpfel, Maebena Soukouya

Article: Schema for the Integration of Web Applications
Author: Theo van Veen

Article: 2012 Census of Open Access Repositories in Germany: Turning Perceived Knowledge Into Sound Understanding
Author: Paul Vierkant

Conference Report: Building Global Partnerships — Second Plenary Meeting of the Research Data Alliance
Author: Mark A. Parsons

Conference Report: An Overview of the 17th International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries (TPDL 2013)
Authors: Vittore Casarosa, Ana Pervan

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