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January/February 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: Copyright, Publishing, and Scholarship: The "Zwolle Group" Initiative for the Advancement of Higher Education
Authors: Kenneth D. Crews, Gerard van Westrienen

Article: Distinguishing Content from Carrier: The RDA/ONIX Framework for Resource Categorization
Author: Gorden Dunsire

Opinion: Resource Description and Access (RDA): Cataloging Rules for the 20th Century
Authors: Karen Coyle, Diane Hillmann

Opinion: The Online Library Catalog: Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained?
Author: Karen Markey

Opinion: The Patchwork Mandate
Author: Arthur Sale

Opinion: Digital Preservation in a National Context: Questions and Views of an Outsider
Author: H.M. Gladney


March/April 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 3/4Full Contents ]

Commentary: Toward an Effective Understanding of Website Users: Advantages and Pitfalls of Linking Transaction Log Analyses and Online Surveys
Authors: Diane Harley, Jonathan Henke

Commentary: Institutional Repositories: Evaluating the Reasons for Non-use of Cornell University's Installation of DSpace
Authors: Philip M. Davis, Matthew J.L. Connolly

Commentary: Linking Service to Open Access Repositories
Authors: Shigeki Sugita, Kunie Horikoshi, Masako Suzuki, Shin Kataoka, E. S. Hellman, Keiji Suzuki

Article: Setting the Foundations of Digital Libraries: The DELOS Manifesto
Authors: Leonardo Candela, Donatella Castelli, Pasquale Pagano, Constantino Thanos, Yannis Ioannidis, Georgia Koutrika, Seamus Ross, Hans-Jörg Schek, Heiko Schuldt

Article: A Proposed Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Quantitative Data
Commentary: Micah Altman, Gary King


May/June 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Opinion: A Challenge for the Library Acquisition Budget
Author: Arthur Sale

Article: Digital Preservation Service Provider Models for Institutional Repositories: Towards Distributed Services
Authors: Steve Hitchcock, Tim Brody, Jessie M.N. Hey, Leslie Carr

Article: Creating the Next Generation of Archival Finding Aids
Authors: Elizabeth Yakel, Seth Shaw, Polly Reynolds

Article: Large Scale Digitization of Oral History: A Case Study
Authors: Eric Weig, Kopana Terry, Kathryn Lybarger

Article: Type-consistent Digital Objects
Authors: Kostas Saidis, Alex Delis

Article: Ten Major Issues in Providing a Repository Service in Australian Universities
Author: Margaret Henty

Article: Using Wikipedia to Extend Digital Collections
Author: Ann M. Lally Carolyn E. Dunford

Article: Tea for Two: Bringing Informal Communication to Repositories
Authors: Ana Alice Baptista and Miguel Ferreira


July/August 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Commentary: Select for Success: Key Principles in Assessing Repository Models
Author: Oya Y. Rieger

Article: Enhancing Search and Browse Using Automated Clustering of Subject Metadata
Authors: Kat Hagedorn, Suzanne Chapman, David Newman

Article: Government Information in Legacy Formats: Scaling a Pilot Project to Enable Long-Term Access
Authors: Gretchen Gano, Julie Linden

Article: VIVO: Connecting People, Creating a Virtual Life Sciences Community
Authors: Medha Devare, Jon Corson-Rikert, Brian Caruso, Brian Lowe, Kathy Chiang, Janet McCue

Article: Size Isn't Everything: Sustainable Repositories as Evidenced by Sustainable Deposit Profiles
Authors: Leslie Carr and Tim Brody

Article: Actualized Preservation Threats: Practical Lessons from Chronicling America
Author: Justin Littman


September/October 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 9/10Full Contents ]

Commentary: Cyberinfrastructure, Data, and Libraries, Part 1: A Cyberinfrastructure Primer for Librarians
Author: Anna Gold

Commentary: Cyberinfrastructure, Data, and Libraries, Part 2: Libraries and the Data Challenge: Roles and Actions for Libraries
Author: Anna Gold

Article: Overview - Repositories by the Numbers
Authors: Chuck Thomas, Robert H. McDonald, Cat S. McDowell

Article: Measuring and Comparing Participation Patterns in Digital Repositories: Repositories by the Numbers, Part 1
Authors: Chuck Thomas,Robert H. McDonald

Article: Evaluating Institutional Repository Deployment in American Academe Since Early 2005: Repositories by the Numbers, Part 2
Author: Cat S. McDowell

Article: The Data Curation Continuum: Managing Data Objects in Institutional Repositories
Authors: Andrew Treloar, David Groenewegen, Cathrine Harboe-Ree

Article: Developing Handle System® Web Services at Cornell University
Author: Adam J. Smith


November/December 2007 – Volume 13 Issue 11/12Full Contents ]

Commentary: Manakin: A New Face for DSpace
Authors: Scott Phillips, Cody Green, Alexey Maslov, Adam Mikeal, John Leggett

Article: Good Terms - Improving Commercial-Noncommercial Partnerships for Mass Digitization: A Report Prepared by Intelligent Television for RLG Programs, OCLC Programs and Research
Authors: Peter B. Kaufman and Jeff Ubois

Article: SERU (Shared Electronic Resource Understanding): Opening Up New Possibilities for Electronic Resource Transactions
Author: Karla L. Hahn

Article: Census of Institutional Repositories in the U.S.: A Comparison Across Institutions at Different Stages of IR Development
Authors: Soo Young Rieh, Karen Markey, Beth St. Jean, Elizabeth Yakel, Jihyun Kim

Article: The Design and Implementation of an Ingest Function to a Digital Archive
Author: Andrew Waugh

Article: Utah Digital Repository Initiative: Building a Support System for Institutional Repositories
Authors: Karen Estlund, Anna Neatrour

Article: Creating Online Historical Scrapbooks with a User-Friendly Interface: A Case Study
Author: Allison B. Zhang

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