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July 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 1Full Contents ]

Article: Metadata: the foundations of resource description
Author: Stuart Weibel

Article: An agent-based architecture for digital libraries
Author: William P. Birmingham

Article: Key concepts in the architecture of the digital library
Author: William Y. Arms


August 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 2Full Contents ]

Article: Content Ratings and Other Third-Party Value-Added Information: Defining an Enabling Platform
Authors: Martin Röscheisen, Terry Winograd, Andreas Paepcke

Article: Image Browsing in the Alexandria Digital Library (ADL) Project
Author: B.S. Manjunath

Article: The Global Change Data and Information System-Assisted Search for Knowledge (GC-ASK) Project
Author: Roberta Y. Rand

Article: The Red Sage Project: An Experimental Digital Journal Library for the Health Sciences, A Descriptive Overview
Authors: Richard E. Lucier, Peter Brantley


September 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 3Full Contents ]

Article: News-on-Demand: An Application of Informedia® Technology
Authors: Alexander G. Hauptmann, Michael J. Witbrock, Michael G. ChristelA

Article: The Netlib Mathematical Software Repository
Authors: Shirley Browne, Jack Dongarra, Eric Grosse, Tom Rowan

Article: Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information
Authors: John R. Garrett

Article: Creating a Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library,
Author: James R. Davis


October 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 4Full Contents ]

Article: Working Towards an Understanding of Digital Library Use: A Report on the User Research Efforts of the NSF/ARPA/NASA DLI Projects
Author: Ann Peterson Bishop

Article: Accessing the Visible Human Project
Authors: Michael J. Ackerman

Article: Access to Digital Objects: A Communications Law Strategy
Author: Patrice A. Lyons


November 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 5Full Contents ]

Article: The Model Editions Partnership: Historical Editions in the Digital Age
Author: David Chesnutt

Article: The SCAM Approach to Copy Detection in Digital Libraries
Authors: Narayanan Shivakumar, Hector Garcia-Molina

Article: What Do People Want from Information Retrieval? (The Top 10 Research Issues for Companies that Use and Sell IR Systems)
Author: W. Bruce Croft


December 1995 – Volume 1 Issue 6Full Contents ]

Article: A Secure Repository Design for Digital Libraries
Author: Carl Lagoze

Article: The French Minitel: Is There Digital Life Outside of the "US ASCII" Internet? A Challenge or Convergence?
Author: Jack Kessler

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