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January/February 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: A Policy Checklist for Enabling Persistence of Identifiers
Authors: Nick Nicholas, Nigel Ward, Kerry Blinco

Article: A Set of Transfer-Related Services
Author: Justin Littman

Article: Sharing Functionality on the Web: A Proposed Services Infrastructure for The European Library
Authors: Theo van Veen, Michel Koppelaar, Georg Petz, Christian Sadilek

Article: Search Web Services – The OASIS SWS Technical Committee Work: The Abstract Protocol Definition, OpenSearch Binding, and SRU/CQL 2.0
Author: Ray Denenberg

Article: Institutional Repository on a Shoestring
Authors: George Wrenn, Carolyn J. Mueller, Jeremy Shellhase

Article: Classroom Information Needs: Search Analysis from a Digital Library for Educators
Author: Marcia A. Mardis


March/April 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 3/4Full Contents ]

Opinion: What's Wrong with Citation Counts?
Authors: José H. Canós Cerdá Manuel Llavador Campos, Eduardo Mena Nieto

Article: Going Grey? Comparing the OCR Accuracy Levels of Bitonal and Greyscale Images
Authors: Tracy Powell, Gordon Paynter

Article: How Good Can It Get? Analysing and Improving OCR Accuracy in Large Scale Historic Newspaper Digitisation Programs
Author: Rose Holley

Article: Profiling Social Networks: A Social Tagging Perspective
Authors: Ying Ding, Elin K Jacob, James Caverlee, Michael Fried, Zhixiong Zhang

Article: Digitization Education: Courses Taken and Lessons Learned
Author: Mats Dahlström, Alen Doracic

Article: Toward Digitizing All Forms of Documentation
Author: George V. Landon


May/June 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Commentary: Time Challenges - Challenging Times for Future Information Search
Authors: Thomas Mestl, Olga Cerrato, Jon Ølnes, Per Myrseth, Inger-Mette Gustavsen

Article: EScience in Practice: Lessons from the Cornell Web Lab
Authors: William Arms, Manuel Calimlim, Lucia Walle

Article: Towards a Repository-enabled Scholar's Workbench: RepoMMan, REMAP and Hydra
Authors: Richard Green, Chris Awre

Article: Evaluation of Digital Repository Software at the National Library of Medicine
Authors: Jennifer L. Marill, Edward C. Luczak

Article: NeoNote: Suggestions for a Global Shared Scholarly Annotation System
Author: Bradley Hemminger

Article: The Fierce Urgency of Now: A Proactive, Pervasive Content Awareness Tool
Authors: James E. Powell, Linn Marks Collins, Mark L.B. Martinez

Article: Unlocking Audio: Towards an Online Repository of Spoken Word Collections in Flanders
Authors: Tom Evens, Laurence Hauttekeete


July/August 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: Measuring Mass Text Digitization Quality and Usefulness: Lessons Learned from Assessing the OCR Accuracy of the British Library's 19th Century Online Newspaper Archive
Authors: Simon Tanner, Trevor Muñoz, Pich Hemy Ros

Article: 21st Century Shipping: Network Data Transfer to the Library of Congress
Author: Michael Ashenfelder

Article: Semantic Integration of Collection Description: Combining CIDOC/CRM and Dublin Core Collections Application Profile
Authors: Irene Lourdi, Christos Papatheodorou, Martin Doerr


September/October 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 9/10Full Contents ]

Article: Establishing Trust in a Chain of Preservation: The TRAC Checklist Applied to a Data Staging Repository (DataStaR)
Authors: Gail Steinhart, Dianne Dietrich, Ann Green

Article: Subject-based Information Retrieval within Digital Libraries Employing LCSHs
Authors: Ioannis Papadakis, Michalis Stefanidakis, Konstantinos Kyprianos, Rosa Mavropodi

Article: Analysing Selection for Digitisation: Current Practices and Common Incentives
Authors: Bart Ooghe, Dries Moreels

Article: OA Network: An Integrative Open Access Infrastructure for Germany
Authors: Uwe Müller, Robin Malitz, Peter Schirmbacher, Thomas Severiens

Article: Curriculum for Digital Libraries: An Analytical Study of Indian LIS Curricula
Author: R.S.R.Varalakshmi


November/December 2009 – Volume 15 Issue 11/12Full Contents ]

Article: Beyond 1923: Characteristics of Potentially In-copyright Print Books in Library Collections
Authors: Brian Lavoie, Lorcan Dempsey

Article: Service-Oriented Models for Educational Resource Federations
Authors: Daniel R. Rehak, Nick Nicholas, Nigel Ward

Article: From TIFF to JPEG 2000? Preservation Planning at the Bavarian State Library Using a Collection of Digitized 16th Century Printings
Authors: Hannes Kulovits, Andreas Rauber, Anna Kugler, Markus Brantl, Tobias Beinert, Astrid Schoger

Article: A Low Cost, Low Memory Footprint, SQL and Servlet-based Solution for Searching Archived Images and Documents in Digital Collections
Authors: Cristina Tofan, Daniel Tofan

Article: Measuring Citation Advantages of Open Accessibility
Author: Samson C. Soong

Article: The Importance of Digital Libraries in Joint Educational Programmes: A Case Study of a Master of Science Programme Involving Organizations in Ghana and the Netherlands
Authors: Marga Koelen, Jonathan Arthur Quaye-Ballard

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