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January/February 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: Interoperability for Searching Learning Object Repositories: The ProLearn Query Language
Authors: Stefaan Ternier, Erik Duval, David Massart, Alessandro Campi, Sam Guinea, Stefano Ceri

Article: Creating Preservation-Ready Web Resources
Authors: Joan A. Smith and Michael L. Nelson

Article: Carrots and Sticks: Some Ideas on How to Create a Successful Institutional Repository
Authors: Miguel Ferreira, Eloy Rodrigues, Ana Alice Baptista, Ricardo Saraiva

Article: Necessary but Not Sufficient: Modelling Online Archive Development in the UK
Author: Ian G. Anderson

Article: The Current State-of-art in Newspaper Digitization: A Market Perspective
Author: Edwin Klijn


March/April 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 3/4Full Contents ]

Commentary: The Fifth Blackbird: Some Thoughts on Economically Sustainable Digital Preservation
Author: Brian F. Lavoie

Commentary: Rethinking Personal Digital Archiving, Part 1: Four Challenges from the Field
Author: Catherine C. Marshall

Commentary: Rethinking Personal Digital Archiving, Part 2: Implications for Services, Applications, and Institutions
Author: Catherine C. Marshall

Article: Site Design Impact on Robots: An Examination of Search Engine Crawler Behavior at Deep and Wide Websites
Authors: Joan A. Smith, Michael L. Nelson

Article: The Australian METS Profile - A Journey about Metadata
Authors: Judith Pearce, David Pearson, Megan Williams, Scott Yeadon

Article: Using Open Source Social Software as Digital Library Interface
Authors: Erik Mitchell, Kevin Gilbertson


May/June 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Article: PREMIS With a Fresh Coat of Paint: Highlights from the Revision of the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata
Author: Brian F. Lavoie

Article: A Year of Selective Web Archiving with the Web Curator Tool at the National Library of New Zealand
Authors: Gordon Paynter, Susanna Joe, Vanita Lala, Gillian Lee

Article: Considering the User Perspective: Research into Usage and Communication of Digital Information
Authors: Kellie Snow, Perla Innocenti, Seamus Ross, Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard, Jens Hofman Hansen, Michael Poltorak Nielsen, Jørn Thøgersen, Statsbiblioteket; Bart Ballaux, Hans Hofman

Article: Adding Value to the Library Catalog by Implementing a Recommendation System
Authors: Michael Mönnich and Marcus Spiering


July/August 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 7/8Full Contents ]

Article: Copyright Renewal, Copyright Restoration, and the Difficulty of Determining Copyright Status
Author: Peter B. Hirtle

Article: Battle of the Buzzwords: Flexibility vs. Interoperability When Implementing PREMIS in METS
Author: Rebecca S. Guenther

Article: A Format for Digital Preservation of Images: A Study on JPEG 2000 File Robustness
Authors: Paolo Buonora, Franco Liberati

Article: Researcher Profiles and Portfolios: Use Cases of the Facebook Service and the University of Queensland Researchers Service
Author: Belinda Weaver


September/October 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 9/10Full Contents ]

Article: Introducing djatoka: A Reuse Friendly, Open Source JPEG 2000 Image Server
Authors: Ryan Chute, Herbert Van de Sompel

Article: Using Personas to Understand the Needs and Goals of Institutional Repositories
Authors: Jack M. Maness, Tomasz Miaskiewicz, Tamara Sumner

Article: Using METS, PREMIS and MODS for Archiving eJournals
Authors: Angela Dappert, Markus Enders

Article: The Effectiveness of a Web-based Board Game for Teaching Undergraduate Students Information Literacy Concepts and Skills
Authors: Karen Markey, Fritz Swanson, Andrea Jenkins, Brian J. Jennings, Beth St. Jean, Victor Rosenberg, Xingxing Yao, Robert L. Frost

Article: Using International Standards to Develop a Union Catalogue for Archives in Germany: Aspects to Consider Regarding Interoperability between Libraries and Archives
Author: Andres Imhof

Article: SeDiCI (Servicio de Difusión de la Creación Intelectual): Intellectual Creativity Diffusion Service at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP)
Authors: Gonzalo Luján Villarreal, Marisa R. De Giusti, Ariel Sobrado, Ariel Jorge Lira, and María Marta Vila


November/December 2008 – Volume 14 Issue 11/12Full Contents ]

Commentary: The Future of Repositories? Patterns for (Cross-)Repository Architectures
Authors: Andreas Aschenbrenner, Tobias Blanke, Mark Hedges, David Flanders, Ben O'Steen

Article: Repository to Repository Transfer of Enriched Archival Information Packages
Author: Priscilla Caplan

Article: Social Annotations in Digital Library Collections
Author: Rich Gazan

Article: Electronic Journals and Changes in Scholarly Article Seeking and Reading Patterns
Authors: Carol Tenopir, Donald W. King

Article: A Study of Institutional Repository Holdings by Academic Discipline
Author: Peter A. Zuber

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