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D-Lib Magazine

Taking the Bad with the Good
by Bonita Wilson

To the Editor: Letters

A Framework for Digital Library Research: Broadening the Vision
Dagobert Soergel, University of Maryland

Uncovering Information Hidden in Web Archives: A Glimpse at Web Analysis Building on Data Warehouses
Andreas Rauber, and Robert M. Bruckner, Vienna University of Technology; Andreas Aschenbrenner, Vienna University of Technology and ERPANET; Oliver Witvoet, University of Vienna; and Max Kaiser, Austrian National Library

image of

Image from the University of Illinois WW2010 web site graphically showing dew point temperature.
Copyright Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Used with permission. WW2010, the Weather World 2010 Project, is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


Towards Continuous Web Archiving: First Results and an Agenda for the Future
Julien Masanès, Bibliothèque Nationale de France

The Open Video Digital Library
Gary Marchionini and Gary Geisler, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

After Migration to an Electronic Journal Collection: Impact on Faculty and Doctoral Students
Donald W. King, University of Pittsburgh and Carol Hansen Montgomery, Ph.D., Drexel University

Who Is Reading On-line Education Journals? Why? And What Are They Reading?
Lawrence M. Rudner and Jennifer S. Gellmann, ERIC/University of Maryland, and Marie Miller-Whitehead, TVEE.ORG

Conference Reports
Report on eLibrary@UBC 4: Research, Collaboration and the Digital Library - Visions for 2010
Lee Iverson, University of British Columbia

WW2010 - the Weather World 2010 Project
Daniel Bramer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Report on a Panel on Information Management Technology Requirements
Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

DARE: A New Age in the Provision of Academic Information
Lilian van der Vaart, SURF

Interested in Institutional Web Portals?
Paul Miller, UKOLN

JISC Consultancy on Archiving of Licensed E-journals
Maggie Jones, University of Leeds

Invitation to a Cultural Content Forum Executive Retreat
Paul Miller, UKOLN

Vlink - an OpenURL Link Generator
Gerrit Alewaeters and Stefaan Renard, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The ZING Initiative Announces Version 1.0 of SRW and CQL
Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress; Robert Sanderson, Unversity of Liverpool; and Mike Taylor, Independent Consultant

EURASIA ICT Workshop Report on Web Content Mapping
P. Pichappan, Annamalai University & Digital Information Research Foundation

In the News: Recent Press Releases and Announcements


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