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September 1997
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From the Editor: The Passion to Know: An Interview with Ben Shneiderman
To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

Fundamental Science and Federal Management Reform
Eileen Collins
National Science Foundation

Antique Books
Robert Thibadeau
Evan Benoit
Carnegie Mellon University

Safeguarding Digital Library Contents and Users: Protecting Documents Rather Than Channels
Ulrich Kohl, Jeffrey Lotspiech
and Marc A. Kaplan
IBM Research Division

Software Agent-Oriented Frameworks Meet Georeferenced Digital Library Interoperability
Zakaria Maamar, Bernard Moulin
Yvan Bédard, and Gilbert Babin
Laval University

Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations: An International Effort Unlocking University Resources
Edward A. Fox, John L. Eaton, Gail McMillan
Neill A. Kipp, Paul Mather, Tim McGonigle, William Schweiker, and Brian DeVane
Virginia Tech

Clips and Pointers

  • IJCAI-97 Workshop on AI in Digital Libraries: Moving from Chaos to (more) Order, August 24, 1997, Nagoya, Japan
    Innes A. Ferguson, Zuno Ltd.
  • NSF-Funded Workshop on "Advances in Organizational and Social Informatics", November 9-11, 1997, Bloomington, Indiana
    Rob Kling, Indiana University
  • The Art Museum Image Consortium: Licensing Museum Digital Documentation for Educational Use
    J. Trant and D. Bearman, Archives & Museum Informatics
  • In Print
  • Special Issue of Serials Librarian Devoted to Electronic Journals
    Wayne Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Research Libraries Group Metadata Summit: Report, July 1, 1997
  • Network Wizards' Internet Domain Survey, July 1997
  • Report from the Electronic Records Conference, 1996
  • Regional Alliance for Preservation
  • Point-to-Point
  • Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries
  • Goings On
  • ASDIC Fall 1997 Meeting, September 21-23, 1997, Seattle, Washington
  • Beyond Print: Scholarly Publishing and Communication in the Electronic Environment September 26-27, 1997, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Canada
  • Copyright Law in the Digital World: Fair Use, Education and Libraries after CONFU (The Conference on Fair Use), September 27, 1997, Portland, Oregon
  • AMIA Fall 1997 Symposium, October 25-29, 1997, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Information Seeking in Context: An International Conference on Information Needs, Seeking and Use in Different Contexts, August 13-15, 1998. Call for proposals closes October 31, 1997.
  • Text Encoding Initiative: Tenth Anniversary User Conference, November 14-16, 1997, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
  • Pointers in This Column
  • The Technology Spotlight

    What's New in the Technology Spotlight?: NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL)
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