D-Lib Magazine October 1995


  • From the Editor: Where Are We in Space?
  • To the Editor: Hello HyperNews!
  • From D-Lib: New Address
  • Please note that D-Lib has a new address: http://www.dlib.org

    Stories and Briefings

  • Working Towards an Understanding of Digital Library Use: A Report on the User Research Efforts of the NSF/ARPA/NASA DLI Projects, Ann Peterson Bishop, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Accessing the Visible Human Project, Michael J. Ackerman, Ph.D., Office of High Performance Computing and Communications, National Library of Medicine
  • Access to Digital Objects: A Communications Law Strategy, Patrice A. Lyons, Washington, DC
  • Clips and Pointers

  • US Geological Survey, University of Massachusetts/CIIR, Defense Technical Information Center, Ameritech, and the Library of Congress announce Z39.50-compliant freeware
  • IEEE Communications Society Sponsors Experiments in Electronic Publishing
  • The Open Journal Project: Linking Electronic Journals
  • Intermed: A Collaboration among Columbia, Harvard, and Stanford Universities
  • The Johns Hopkins University BioInformatics Web Server
  • GenBank and NCBI News
  • National Center for Genome Resources
  • The Human Brain Project
  • Programs at the Graphics Visualization and Usability Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Research programs at the National Library of Medicine
  • GALEN: A Three-Year Project in Medical Informatics
  • Technology Playpen

  • About the Technology Playpen
  • Visible Human Explorer
  • About D-Lib Magazine

  • About D-Lib
  • Access Terms and Conditions
  • Please send messages to the editor at: [email protected]. In To the Editor this month, you will find information on our new forms-based comment capability and on how to join D-Lib's mailing list for purposes of notification. Note that we have a new address: http://www.dlib.org.

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