D-Lib Magazine: The Magazine of the Digital Library Forum September 1995


  • From the Editor: Levels of Abstraction
  • To the Editor: The What versus the How
  • From D-Lib Forum: Agenda for Digital Library Research
  • Stories and Briefings

  • News-on-Demand: An Application of Informedia® Technology, Alexander G. Hauptmann, Michael J. Witbrock and Michael G. Christel, Carnegie Mellon University
  • The Netlib Mathematical Software Repository, Shirley Browne, University of Tennessee, Jack Dongarra, University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Eric Grosse, AT&T Bell Laboratories, and Tom Rowan, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee
  • Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information, John R. Garrett, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  • Creating a Networked Computer Science Technical Report Library, James R. Davis, Xerox Corporation Design Research Institute, Cornell University
  • Clips and Pointers

  • NISO announces review period for proposed ISO standard for Citations to Electronic Documents (DIS 690-2)
  • NASA's Digital Library Technology Project
  • Centre for Information Technology Innovation: Research Projects and Digital Libraries
  • Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library: Gateway to Engineering Information Resources in the UK
  • Tropical Atmosphere Ocean (TAO) Project relays information in real time via satellite systems
  • EC establishes Centre for Earth Observation in support of European Earth Observation System
  • World Conservation Monitoring Centre
  • Monticello Electronic Library: Networking Southeastern Libraries and Universities
  • University of New Brunswick announces Virtual Pathfinder
  • NASA Technical Report Service
  • NSF's Computational Science Highlights
  • Virtual reality projects and proposals
  • IFLANET activities and digital libraries research
  • Library of Congress inaugurates periodic reports on the National Digital Library program
  • IITF Report on Intellectual Property and the National Information Infrastructure
  • Technology Playpen

  • About the Technology Playpen
  • ComMentor
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Language Repository
  • About D-Lib Magazine

  • The D-Lib Forum
  • Access Terms and Conditions
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    D-Lib Magazine is produced by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives for the Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications task group of the High Performance Computing and Communications program.

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