D-Lib Magazine November 1995


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    Stories and Briefings

  • A Secure Repository Design for Digital Libraries, Carl Lagoze, Digital Library Research Group, Cornell University
  • The French Minitel: Is There Digital Life Outside of the "US ASCII" Internet? A Challenge or Convergence? Jack Kessler, San Francisco, California
  • Project Briefings and Updates
  • The UK Electronic Libraries Programme
    Making a Digital Library: The Chemistry Online Retrieval Experiment -- A Summary of the CORE Project (1991-1995)
    Project Muse: 43 Humanities and Social Sciences Journals to Come on the Network
    CyberStacks(sm): A 'Library-Organized' Virtual Science and Technology Reference Collection
    OCLC Internet Cataloging Project

    Clips and Pointers

  • The American Library Association and Microsoft announce "Libraries Online!"
  • National Digital Library Federation receives IBM Support
  • SilverPlatter Education introduces Physicians' Home Page
  • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions expands home page
  • Network Start-Up Resource Center: How to get connected
  • AgDB: A New prototype database at the National Agricultural Library
  • National Archives Center for Electronic Records: Accessing public records
  • NASA supports graduate students' participation at ADL '96
  • NISO establishes web site
  • Law Journal Extra conducts on-line discussion of intellectual property issues
  • ACM posts November 1995 Interim Copyright Policy
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