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January/February 2016 – Volume 22 Issue 1/2Full Contents ]

Article: Data Citation Services in the High-Energy Physics Community
Authors: Patricia Herterich, Sünje Dallmeier-Tiessen

Article: Desktop Batch Import Workflow for Ingesting Heterogeneous Collections: A Case Study with DSpace 5
Authors: Jacob L. Nash, Jonathan Wheeler,

Article: Leveraging Heritrix and the Wayback Machine on a Corporate Intranet: A Case Study on Improving Corporate Archives
Authors: Justin F. Brunelle, Krista Ferrante, Eliot Wilczek, Michele C. Weigle, Michael L. Nelson

Conference Report: The Benchmarking Forum at IPRES 2015
Authors: Christoph Becker, Krešimir Ðuretec, Artur Kulmukhametov, Andreas Rauber


March/April 2016 – Volume 22 Issue 5/6Full Contents ]

Article: Humanities Data in the Library: Integrity, Form, Access
Author: Thomas Padilla

Article: A New Approach to Configuration Management for Private LOCKSS Networks
Author: Tobin M. Cataldo

Article: RAMLET: a Conceptual Model for Resource Aggregation for Learning, Education, and Training
Authors: Katrien Verbert, Nancy J. Hoebelheinrich, Kerry Blinco, Scott Lewis, Wilbert Kraan

Article: Harvesting and Repurposing Metadata from Web of Science to an Institutional Repository Using Web Services
Author: Yuan Li

Article: Transforming User Knowledge into Archival Knowledge
Authors: Tarvo Kärberg, Koit Saarevet

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