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Paying to Read? Peter B. Hirtle

To the Editor: Letters

Taking the British Library Forward in the Twenty-first Century
Lynne Brindley, The British Library

Harvard's Library Digital Initiative: Building a First Generation Digital Library Infrastructure
Dale Flecker, Harvard University Library

Spoken Words, Unspoken Meanings: A DLI2 Project Ethnography
Michael Seadle, Michigan State University

Resource Guide for the Social Sciences: Signposting a Dissemination and Support Route for Barefoot and Meta-librarians in UK Higher Education
Lesly Huxley and Karen Ford, Institute for Learning and Research Technology, University of Bristol

Scientist takes a blood sample from a silky sifaka.

Mireya Mayor, co-principal investigator of the Marojejy project records a blood sample taken from one of the silky sifaka, an all white lemur from Madagascar threatened with extinction.

Photograph by Peter Tyson, Online Producer of NOVA. Copyright 2000 NOVA Online. Used with permission. The NOVA Online collection of web sites is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


A MAGiC Project
Paul A.S. Needham, Cranfield University

The People's Network
Helen Baigent, Resource: the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries

Building an Audio-visual Digital Library of Historical Documentaries: The ECHO Project
Pasquale Savino, I.E.I - C.N.R.

High Level Thesaurus Project - HILT
Susannah Wake, University of Strathclyde

The Program for Cooperative Cataloging Task Force on Multiple Manifestations of Electronic Resources
Wayne Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Reference 24/7: High Tech or High Touch RUSA President's Program, American Library Association Annual Meeting, 2000
George S. Porter, Caltech

New Developments at the Visual Arts Data Service (News Release)
Philip Pothen, Arts and Humanities Data Service

UC Berkeley Professors Measure Exploding World Production of New Information (Press Release)
Kathleen Maclay, University of California, Berkeley

OCLC Researchers Measure the World Wide Web (Press Release)
Ed O'Neill, OCLC Online Computer Library Center

IFLA Core Programme for the Advancement of Librarianship (ALP) Announces DANIDA Travel Grant 2001
Birgitta Sandell, IFLA ALP


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(On December 5, 2000, corrections were made to the HTML code and the dates of the JCDL conference and the ETD Conference.)

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