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D-Lib Magazine

Assumptions and Expectations
by Bonita Wilson


The Intellectual Property Rights Issues Facing Self-archiving: Key Findings of the RoMEO Project
Elizabeth Gadd, Charles Oppenheim, and Steve Probets, Loughborough University

Generation of XML Records across Multiple Metadata Standards
Kimberly S. Lightle and Judith S. Ridgway, Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, Ohio State University

The Digital Preservation of e-Prints
Stephen Pinfield, University of Nottingham; and Hamish James, King's College London

Aggregate Record Management in Three Clicks
Terry Reese, Oregon State University

Conference Report
Report on the 7th European Conference on Digital Libraries, ECDL 2003: 17 - 22 August 2003, Trondheim, Norway
Andreas Rauber, Vienna University of Technology

Photograph of freed slaves reading

Mother and Daughter Reading, Mt. Meigs, Alabama, Rudolf Eickemeyer, 1890. (Archives Center at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution).
Digital image courtesy of Digital History.
Used with permission.
Digital History is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


Mapping Scientific Frontiers: The Quest for Knowledge Visualization
By Chaomei Chen, Springer-Verlag London Ltd., 2003
Reviewed by: Kevin Boyack, Sandia National Laboratories

"..Chen's new offering is much less a tutorial in how to do information visualization, and much more a conceptual exploration of why and how visualization of science can change the way we do science, amplified by real examples."

Information Visualization
Edited by Chaomei Chen, published by Palgrave Macmillan
Reviewed by: André Skupin, University of New Orleans

"...With a diverse group of disciplines potentially contributing to and utilizing information visualization, it can be difficult to find common ground. By establishing a shared forum for disseminating reearch, this journal promises to become just such a platform."

Digital History
Steve Mintz, University of Houston

ECDL 2003 Workshop Report: Digital Library Evaluation - Metrics, Testbeds, and Processes
Christine Borgman, University of California, Los Angeles; and Ronald Larsen, University of Pittsburgh

ECDL 2003 Workshop Report: Networked Knowledge Organization Systems/Services (NKOS) - Evolving Standards
Douglas Tudhope, University of Glamorgan

ECDL 2003 Workshop Report: Healthcare Digital Libraries (HDL 2003)
Bob Fields, Middlesex University; Anne Adams, University College London; and Patty Kostkova, City University London

ECDL 2003 Workshop Report: Web Archives
Carol van Nuys, The National Library of Norway

ECDL 2003 Workshop Report: Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF 2003)
Carol Peters, Italian National Research Council

SIMILE: Semantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in unLike Environments
Robert Tansley, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

National Library of New Zealand Preservation Metadata Data Model Released
Dave Thompson, National Library of New Zealand

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