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D-Lib Magazine

A Special Issue on Digital Reference
by Bonita Wilson

Digital Reference: An Overview
Guest Editorial by Joanne Silverstein, Syracuse University


To the editor: From Karen SchneiderLibrarians' Index to the Internet
Authors' response to Karen Schneider's letter: From Steve Mitchell, Margaret Mooney, and Julie Mason, INFOMINE Coordinators
Noternigonus crysoleucas (golden shiner)

Noternigonus crysoleucas (golden shiner)
cleared and stained, lateral view.

University of Michigan Zoology Museum, Fish Division. Used with permission.
Flora and Fauna of the Great Lakes Region is D-Lib Magazine's featured collection this month.


Current State of Digital Reference in Primary and Secondary Education
R. David Lankes, Syracuse University

The Technological Challenges of Digital Reference: An Overview
Jeffrey Penka, OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Question Negotiation and the Technological Environment
Joseph Janes, University of Washington and Joanne Silverstein, Syracuse University

Evaluation of Chat Reference Service Quality: Pilot Study
Marilyn Domas White, Eileen Abels, and Neal Kaske, University of Maryland

Visual Resource Reference: Collaboration Between Digital Museums and Digital Libraries
Abby A. Goodrum, Syracuse University

The Virtual Reference Librarian's Handbook
by Anne Grodzins Lipow, Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., January 2003
Reviewed by: Jennifer Barth and Kate Bejune, AskERIC

"...the book would be helpful for all virtual librarians, regardless of how far along they might be in implementing their own services."

Flora and Fauna of the Great Lakes Region
Terri Geitgey, University of Michigan

Report on the First AHDS Copyright and Digitisation Workshop
Iain Wallace, Performing Arts Data Service

Getting a Handle on Federal Information: Persistent Identification Using Handles
Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Report on the 4th Annual Virtual Reference Desk (VRD) Conference
Joanne Silverstein, Syracuse University

Multilingual Applications of the DOI: the mEDRA Project
Sergio Bernardi and Gabriella Scipione, Cineca

Report on the Digital Reference Symposium
Joanne Silverstein, Syracuse University

Top Issues Facing Distance Education and eLearning Professionals in 2003
William Winfield, University of Wisconsin, Madison

ParaTools Reference Parsing Toolkit - Version 1.0 Released
Mike Jewell, University of Southampton

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