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D-Lib Magazine
March/April 2009

Volume 15 Number 3/4

ISSN 1082-9873

Some Results from the 2008 D-Lib Magazine Survey

Late last year, we requested that readers participate in a survey we were conducting as a precursor to introducing directed advertising in D-Lib Magazine.1 Thanks to all who took the time to respond to the online survey, which was comprised of 33 questions. We received 772 responses to the survey, and we appreciate each and every response.2 Here are a few of the results.

When we received responses to the question: "How long have you been a reader of D-Lib Magazine?" we were pleased to find that over half of respondents (58.3%) have been long-time readers. Just over 33% answered 1 - 3 years, and 31.9% have been reading D-Lib from 4 - 6 years. 13.2% have been D-Lib readers for 7 - 9 years, and 13.2% have been reading D-Lib for 10+ years.

To the question: "What country are you located in?" 61.8% answered "United States". An additional 15.7% of respondents are located in countries in which English is the primary spoken language.

Librarians made up 51.3% of respondents, and 58.4% of respondents chose higher education as their work setting. 85.7% of respondents have a master's or doctorate degree – 62.5% and 23.2%, respectively.

Of the respondents to the question "Which of the magazine's content areas are of interest to you?" 98.2% selected "Articles". This was a question for which respondents could choose more than one category, and in descending order, the favorites were: Articles; Commentaries & Opinions; Project Briefings & Updates; Conference Reports; In Brief items; In the News; Featured Collections; Editorials; and Clips & Pointers.

It was gratifying that 81.4% of those responding to the survey consider D-Lib Magazine as a primary source for information about digital library research and development. We hope to continue to be an important resource for the digital library community, and we will strive to improve the magazine as a result of the feedback we received from the survey and from comments you send us.

Bonita Wilson
Corporation for National Research Initiatives


1. We are planning to introduce advertisements as one way to fund D-Lib so that we can continue to provide the magazine's content free of charge to readers, and we needed some information about readership that prospective advertisers might require.

2. For each of the 33 questions, there were some respondents who chose not to answer the question. The percentages provided in this editorial have been calculated after subtracting the number of non-responses for that particular question.

Copyright© 2009 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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