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July/August 2002

Volume 8 Number 7/8

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Authors in the July/August 2002 Issue of D-Lib Magazine

Grace Agnew

Grace Agnew is the Associate University Librarian for digital library systems for the Rutgers University Libraries. She is the co-author of the books, Getting Mileage out of Metadata and the Online System Migration Guide, an instructor in the American Library Association's AACR2 Metadata Institute and the designer of the AMIA Moving Image Gateway, a forthcoming union catalog of resources from the world's moving image archives, co-sponsored by the Association of Moving Image Archivists and the Library of Congress. Ms. Agnew is a founding member of The Video Development Initiative (ViDe) and chairs the ViDe Video Access Working Group.

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Portrait of Grace Agnew

Kenning Arlitsch

Kenning Arlitsch is an Associate Librarian at the Marriott Library, University of Utah. He graduated from Alfred University in 1987 with a BA in English, and received his MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1993. In 1997 Kenning was one of 12 librarians selected for the American Library Association/U.S. Information Agency's International Fellows program. He spent six months in Cyprus teaching and consulting for the Cyprus Library Network. As Head of Digital Technologies at the Marriott Library, Kenning and his staff are responsible for the creation of digital collections and for the library's application programming needs.

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Portrait of Kenning Arlitsch

Sayeed Choudhury

G. Sayeed Choudhury is the Hodson Director of the Digital Knowledge Center at the Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University. He serves as principal investigator for digital library projects funded through National Science Foundation's Digital Libraries Initiative, and Information Technology Research, the Institute for Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grant, and the Mellon Foundation. He has served on program committees for both Joint Conferences on Digital Libraries, and Advances in Digital Libraries. Most recently, he acted as Co-Director for Web-Wise 2002.

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Anita Coleman

Anita Coleman is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Resources & Library Science at the University of Arizona, Tucson, which she joined in 2001. Before coming to Arizona, she was with the Alexandria Digital Library ADEPT Project. She has worked in both technical and public service areas in academic libraries. She currently teaches courses in Knowledge Structures and Information Seeking Behaviors, and has taught others such as Systems Analysis, Cataloging and Classification at the LIS schools of both the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of California at Los Angeles.

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Portrait of Anita Coleman

Nicholas Flores

Nicholas Flores is an associate professor of economics at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Nicholas' research focuses on the theory and analysis of public goods with primary applications in environmental policy. Nicholas is an expert on valuing goods that are not bought and sold in the marketplace. He joined the Johns Hopkins University Comprehensive Access to Print Materials (CAPM) team to help design and implement an economic valuation study of the CAPM system.

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James Ghaphery

James Ghaphery is the Librarian for Instructional Technology at Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries where his time is evenly split between providing library services for both the physical and the digital library. Activities in the physical library include providing reference and instruction services. Digital responsibilities include Web development, instructional technology and maintenance of the My Library system that he helped to create in 1998. He is especially interested in the educational role of libraries (physical and digital). These interests range from teaching specific research skills to the more abstract ways in which libraries can impact our values with open access to information.

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Portrait of James Ghaphery

Benjamin Hobbs

Benjamin F. Hobbs is Professor and Acting Chair of Geography & Environmental Engineering and Professor (Joint) of Mathematical Sciences at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He earned a Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Engineering from Cornell University, and previously taught at Case Western Reserve University in the Department of Systems Engineering. He is presently on leave at the Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederlands (ECN), in Amsterdam.

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Portrait of Benjamin Hobbs

David L. Kuhlman

David L. Kuhlman is an analyst with Advanced Internet Technologies at the University of Tennessee. His focus is on client/server applications, digital video (both videoconferencing and video-on-demand) and middleware. Dave is a member of the VidMid Video-on-Demand Working Group, and co-authored the white paper The Role of Directories in Video-on-Demand Applications. Dave is also a member of ViDeNet, the ViDe Microsoft Working Group, the ViDe MPEG-4 Working Group, and the ViDe Streaming Media Working Group.

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Portrait of David Kuhlman

Mark Lorie

Mark Lorie is a graduate student in the Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University. His research, within the Environmental Economics and Systems group, focuses on environmetnal valuation and decision support for environmental policy. Currently, he is also a part-time environmental engineer with the Institute for Water Resources, a policy and research organization within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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George Macgregor

George Macgregor is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Digital Library Research (CDLR), University of Strathclyde and is currently working on the JISC funded COPAC/Clumps project. He is finishing up an MSc in Information and Library Studies at Strathclyde University, Glasgow and is due to submit an MSc dissertation on the use of collection level descriptions for collaborative collection management in public libraries in September.

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Mairéad Martin

Mairéad Martin is Director of the Advanced Internet Technologies group at the University of Tennessee, a group working on developing and integrating next-generation technologies to support Research and Education ( Mairéad's research interests include digital media standards, information management, and middleware. She was founding chair of the Video Development Initiative (ViDe) from 1998 - 1999, and currently chairs the VidMid Video-on-Demand Working Group and the ViDe MPEG-4 Working Group. She is co-author of the ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook, and co-authored the white paper The Role of Directories in Video-on-Demand Applications released as part of the NSF Middleware Initiative in May 2002.

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Portrait of Mairead Martin

John H. McNair

John McNair is a Senior Systems Analyst in the Advanced Internet Technologies group at the University of Tennessee (UT). His interests there include collaborative software, middleware, and security issues. He has 18 years of experience at UT in computer security, directory services, central email, network services, and system administration of academic computing systems. John is a member of the Internet2 VidMid Working Group and co-authored the white paper The Role of Directories in Video-on-Demand Applications.

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Portrait of John McNair

Dennis Nicholson

Dennis Nicholson is Director of the Centre for Digital Library Research at Strathclyde University and Director of Research in Strathclyde University's Information Resources Directorate. Since 1991, he has managed a range of funded projects, either directly or in his role as CDLR manager. Included amongst these projects are HaIRST (2002-2005), COPAC/Clumps (2002-2004), Scottish Portals Initiative (2001-), Victorian Times (2001-), HILT (2000-), SCONE (1999-), CAIRNS (1998-2000), CATRIONA II (1996-98), CATRIONA (1994-95), and the BUBL Information Service (1991-). Further information about most of these projects can be found at <>.

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Portrait of Dennis Nicholson

William A. Rhodes

William Rhodes is a consultant with the Advanced Internet Technologies group at the University of Tennessee. He has been involved in the design, deployment, and maintenance of complex computer systems for almost fifteen years, and has experience in the deployment of document imaging storage and retrieval systems, computer-based security monitoring, patient-management, and multi-point reservation systems. A member of the Video Development Initiative (ViDe), William was co-author of the recently published ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook (V.3.0). He is also active in the Internet2 Middleware project and co-authored two of the white papers released in May 2002 as part of the NSF Middleware Initiative — The Role of Directories in Video-on-Demand Applications and Resource Discovery for Videoconferencing Applications.

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Portrait of William Rhodes

Ron Tipton

Ron Tipton is a Senior Systems Programmer Analyst in the Advanced Internet Technologies group at the University of Tennessee (UT). His computer research interests include middleware, system and network administration. He has been playing with computers since the days of punch cards, has written columns for various computer trade rags and taught classes in such diverse topics as SAS programming, network troubleshooting, and experimental psychology. He is a project participant in the VidMid Videoconferencing directory services testbed, co-authored the ViDe Videoconferencing Cookbook, and is the UT liaison to the Internet2 and NSF Middleware Initiative Campus Architecture Middleware Planning effort.

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