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January/February 2016
Volume 22, Number 1/2
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A New Year

Laurence Lannom
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

DOI: 10.1045/january2016-editorial


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In contrast to our absolutely stuffed Nov/Dec issue, we are starting the year easy with three full articles, all case studies, in good D-Lib tradition, and a conference report. We lead with Herterich and Dallmeier-Tiessen from CERN on data citation services in the high-energy physics community. They point to the relatively slow movement of the research community from traditional article publication to open science and open data and posit data citation as a way to speed the evolution. They present a case study of data citation developments at CERN to demonstrate their point and conclude by enumerating the many challenges that remain.

Our second case-study, from Nash and Wheeler at University of New Mexico, addresses batch import of heterogeneous collections into DSpace 5. The challenge of filling Institutional Repositories (IRs) with quality material can be greatly assuaged by ingesting existing archival collections and they describe their approach and their experiences with that approach, including the steps they went through, such as the required pre-processing, and the end results. They conclude with an evaluation of the current and future value of developing such a workflow.

The third, and final, case study is from Brunelle, et al. at the MITRE Corporation and Old Dominion University. They look at using web archiving tools to archive corporate intranets, specifically the Internet Archive tools (Heritrix and the Wayback Machine), combined with the Memento Framework, all applied to the Mitre Information Infrastructure. The project involved a number of significant challenges, including the presence of restricted material, internally developed services unique to their Intranet, and the need for user credentials in many cases. These challenges, which will not be unique to MITRE, are explicated and suggestions for overcoming them are proposed.

We conclude the issue with a conference report from the Benchmarking Forum at IPRES 2015 and our usual collection of News & Events. The staff of D-Lib wish you all a happy and healthy 2016.


About the Editor

Photo of Laurence Lannom Laurence Lannom is Director of Information Services and Vice President at the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI), where he works with organizations in both the public and private sectors to develop experimental and pilot applications of advanced networking and information management technologies.
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