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December 1996
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From the Editor: In Memory of Paul Evan Peters, William Y. Arms
To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

GILS: What is it? Where's it going?
Eliot J. Christian
United States Geological Survey

GEOREP: A WWW Customizable Georeferenced Digital Library for Spatial Data
Marie-Josée Proulx
Yvan Bédard
Francois Létourneau
Christian Martel
Laval University

GEOREP: Un g�or�pertoire personnalisable sur Internet pour les donn�es spatiales

An Integrated System for Distributed Information Services
George H. Brett II
Boulder Public Library, University of Colorado at Boulder

Digital Initiatives of the Research Libraries Group
Ricky L. Erway
Research Libraries Group

Australian Digital Library Initiatives
Renato Iannella (Editor)
DSTC Pty Ltd.

Clips and Pointers

  • Workshop Summary: UK Serials Group -- Learning to Live with E-Journals: Some Practical Solutions
    John Kirriemuir, UKOLN Information Officer
  • Point-to-Point
  • National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)
  • Bodleian Library/Toyota City Imaging Project
  • Brain Atlas Datasets
  • SouthEast Asia images and Texts project (SEAiT)
  • In Print
  • Solaris
  • Buildings, books, and bytes
  • World Intellectual Property Organization: Proposal and Comment
  • Goings On
  • First European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, 1-3 September 1997, Pisa, Italy.
    Carol Peters, Istituto di Elaborazione della Informazione, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Pisa
  • ASIS 1997 Annual Meeting: Digital Collections: Implications for Users, Funders, Developers, and Maintainers. Submissions to close, December 15, 1996.
  • 34th Annual Clinic on Library Applications of Data Processing: Visualizing Subject Access for 21st Century Information Resources, March 2-4, 1997.
  • Economics of Digital Information and Intellectual Property, , January 23-25, 1997.
  • Second Annual Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) Symposium, February 24-26, 1997.
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