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December 1996

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Workshop Summary: UK Serials Group -- Learning to Live with E- Journals: Some Practical Solutions

John Kirriemuir, UKOLN Information Officer

The United Kingdom Serials Group held a one-day workshop on 21st November 1996. The audience of 170 people came from a wide range of mainly UK-based backgrounds, namely electronic journal (e-journal) research, publishers, e-journal service providers, academics, and public library and university librarians.

The morning session consisted of views of e-journals from university, industrial and end-user perspectives. The first of these concentrated on how the Pilkington Library at Loughborough University made access available to freely available Internet-based journals, as well as commercially published journals. The end- user perspective explained some of the advantages: e.g., navigation, information immediacy, global distribution, searching, and disadvantages: e.g., reliance on networks, credibility of electronically based information over print-based journals.

The afternoon session consisted of a demonstration of two products offering access to a range of e-journals, namely, Blackwells Electronic Journal Navigator and the BIDS Journal Online service. This was followed by a wrap-up open forum, where people could discuss those e-journal issues of concern.

Though the day did not result in any solutions, many of the problems with e-journal production, access, charging mechanisms and formats were aired. Key issues that were repeated through the day were:

As an introduction to e-journals, their variety, advantages, disadvantages and problems, the day was deemed to be well-spent by many of the delegates.


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