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Access to Digital Materials

Related Work and Related Organizations


How much information is there?


Lesk: <>

Lyman and Varian: <>

Library of Alexandria, interesting book: Canfora, Vanished Library


Web Archives:
Internet Archive <>
Swedish Royal Library Web Archive
Australian National Library Web Archive
Google's web cache is a form of short-term archive


Text Archives on the net:
Project Gutenberg <>
University of Virginia <>
CMU Universal Library <>
Oxford Text Archive <>

  Notable Large Archives of General Interest:
  ARChive of Contemporary Music
  Center for Research Libraries
  Internet Archive
 Music Archive
  National Archives and Records Administration
  Television News Archive
  Television Archive

  Library Associations and Organizations:
  American Library Association
  Association of Research Libraries
  Coalition for Networked Information
  Council on Library and Information Resources
  Digital Library Federation
  OCLC, Online Computer Library Center
  Research Libraries Group
  Special Library Association
  Medical Library Association
  Music Library Association
  American Association of Law Libraries

  Law and Policy Centers with Library Interests:
  Electronic Frontier Foundation <>
Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic at UCAL Berkeley:
< releases/20000424Samuelson.shtml>

Technologies and Systems:
NetLibrary <>
Adobe eBook <>

Economic model for shared resources:
"National Public Radio" model: John Willinsky from University of British Columbia < ctg/pkp/kem/kem.pdf>.



Copyrightę 2001 Brewster Kahle, Rick Prelinger, and Mary E. Jackson.


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