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Appendix: Reference Desk Manager - Evaluation and Downloading


Evaluation tool for future use

Questions for Users

1) Are you aware of the purpose of the Reference Desk Manager software, its functions and how it can help you in reference desk problems? Does the interface design reflect the functions?

2) Are there any obstacles to submitting to RDM the types of information it was designed to archive and display?

3) Are there any obstacles to using RDM in connection with reference and administrative questions at the reference desk? Is the information within RDM easy to find, display, interpret and edit?

Questions for Maintainers

1) Does the administrator find any obstacles to customizing the application to match the needs of the reference desk?

2) Does the moderator find any obstacles to filtering, selecting and categorizing information to be archived?

3) Does the application developer find any obstacles in allowing the database to grow and change without undue maintenance and attention?

Downloading the application

All resources to run Reference Desk Manager are open-source freeware. They include:

  1. A MySQL database running on Unix, Linux, WinNT
  1. PHP: Current module 4.0.+ with IMAP module or WinNT
  1. A dedicated email address

The code and general documentation can be downloaded from <>

Currently, OSU Libraries cannot provide support for the freeware. However, an email distribution list has been set-up to allow communication and support by interested parties.

Copyright© 2001 John C. Matylonek, Carolyn Ottow and Terry Reese.

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