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November/December 2016
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C L I P S   A N D   P O I N T E R S

November/December 2016


In Print

  • Outputs of the NISO Alternative Assessment Metrics Project, NISO RP-25-2016, A Recommended Practice of the National Information Standards Organization, Copyright 2016 by the National Information Standards Organization.

    "This recommended practice on altmetrics, an expansion of the tools available for measuring the scholarly impact of research in the knowledge environment, was developed by working groups that were part of NISO's Altmetrics Initiative, a project funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The document outlines altmetrics definitions and use cases, alternative outputs in scholarly communications, data metrics, and persistent identifiers in scholarly communications."

  • Mellon Foundation: Pay It Forward: Investigating a Sustainable Model of Open Access Article Processing Charges for Large North American Research Institutions, University of California Libraries, June 30, 2016, Revised July 18, 2016.

    From the Executive SummaryL "A major study conducted by the University of California, Davis, and the California Digital Library, on behalf of the University of California Libraries, and with collaborating libraries at Harvard University, Ohio State University, and the University of British Columbia addressed the financial ramifications for the types of research institutions whose affiliated scholars generate a preponderance of the scholarly literature. The project focused on large, research-intensive universities in North America and defined sustainability as costing those institutions roughly no more than, and ideally considerably less than, current journal subscription costs for comparable journals today, with a rate of growth that will be possible for these institutions to support over time. The project sheds new light on the financial viability of the article processing charge business model to create open access at a much larger scale."

  • Libraries 2016, by John B. Horrigan, Pew Research Center, September 2016.

    "Trends in visiting public libraries have steadied, and many Americans have high expectations for what their local libraries should offer....Most Americans view public libraries as important parts of their communities, with a majority reporting that libraries have the resources they need and play at least some role in helping them decide what information they can trust."

  • Open Content at the Getty: Three Years Later, Some Lessons Learned, by Mikka Gee Conway, Marissa Clifford, and Nathaniel Deines. In The Iris: Behind the Scenes at the Getty, 16 August 2016.

    "Three years ago this week the Getty announced the launch of its Open Content Program, making available 4,600 high-resolution images from the Getty Museum and Getty Research Institute collections for anyone to use, modify, and publish anywhere for any purpose....On this third anniversary of the Open Content Program's launch, the Getty shares some of the lessons learned along the way, focusing on two recent projects from the Research Institute that required significant collaboration between the Getty's legal team...and the Research Institute's digital art history group...."

  • VRA 2015-16 Professional Status Task Force Report on Professional Status, published by the Visual Resources Association (VRA).

    From the Summary to the report: "The 2015 VRA Professional Status Survey reflects a profession that has successfully weathered the digital transition and embraced new technologies to deepen, broaden, and enhance the collective job description. The profession continues to redefine itself and identify commonalities with a broad range of related fields. The Task Force itself was comprised of VRA members working in a variety of settings including instructional technology, digital scholarship, special collections, archives, museums, libraries, and departmental collections."

  • Smartphones help those without broadband get online, but don't necessarily bridge the digital divide, by Monica Anderson and John B. Horrigan, Pew Research Center, October 3, 2016.

    "Courts and regulators have increasingly seen high-speed internet as a public utility that is as essential to Americans as electricity and water. But many Americans still do not have broadband at home, and some Americans have turned to mobile devices as their primary gateway to the internet, according to Pew Research Center surveys."

  • Q&A with CNI's Clifford Lynch: Time to re-think the institutional repository?, by Richard Poynder, in Open and Shut, 22 September 2016.

    In introducing the Q&A Richard Poynder wrote: "In light of the challenging, volatile, but inherently interesting situation that IRs now find themselves in I decided recently to contact a few of the Santa Fe attendees and put some questions to them. My first two approaches were unsuccessful, but I struck third-time lucky when Clifford Lynch, director of the Washington-based Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), agreed to answer my questions." A followup discussion regarding responses to the Q&A, dated October 5, 2016, can be found here: http://poynder.blogspot.com.

  • Digital Library Education in Europe: A Survey, Ragnar Andreas Audunson and Nafiz Zaman Shuva, DOI: 10.1177/2158244015622538. Published 5 January 2016 in SAGE open.

    From the Abstract to this white paper: "Based on online surveys, this article investigates the status of DL education/courses in Europe, particularly, it examines the curriculum contents of DL courses, explores the future direction of library and information science (LIS) curricula, and identifies the competitors of LIS schools in the DL world."

  • Can you be anonymous on the Internet? No, you cannot, in Homeland Security News Wire. Published 27 October 2016.

    "Researchers say most people do not realize how much information they are leaving behind as they browse the Web. Online privacy risks are not new, but the researchers say their research is 'another nail in the coffin' to the idea that the average person with the average Web browser can be private online."

  • Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship, edited by Carla Myers, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Tucky Taylor, University of South Carolina, and Andrew Wesolek, Clemson University. ISSN: 2473-8336.

    "The Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship is bi-annually published in the spring and fall. It is a peer-reviewed open-access publication for original articles, reviews and case studies that analyze or describe the strategies, partnerships and impact of copyright law on public, school, academic, and digital libraries, archives, museums, and research institutions and their educational initiatives."

  • ERCIM News, Issue 107, October 2016, Special theme: Machine Learning.

    "In this issue:

    • A Special Theme presenting a selection of articles about current trends and new paradigms in Machine Learning, coordinated by the guest editors Sander Bohte (CWI ) and Hung Son Nguyen (University of Warsaw).
    • A Research and Society section dedicated to Open Access - Open Science, coordinated by Laurent Romary (Inria).
    • A "Research and Innovation" section with news about research activities and innovative developments from European research institutions"

Calls for Participation

  • Intelligent Interfaces for Ubiquitous and Smart Learning: SmartLearn Workshop, 13 March 2017. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 16 December 2016.

    "The 'Intelligent Interfaces for Ubiquitous and Smart Learning' workshop aims to bring together researchers from industry and academia to address the challenges of the intelligent user interfaces and smart learning fields, discuss new ideas and present their research to the scientific community in order to enhance the methodologies and techniques for intelligent learning environments for the 21st century."

  • 22nd ACM International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces IUI 2017, 13 - 16 March 2017, St. Raphael Resort, Limassol, Cyprus. Call for posters and demos. The submission deadline is 16 December 2016.

    "ACM IUI is where the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community meets the Artificial Intelligence (AI), with contributions from related fields such as psychology, behavioral science, cognitive science, computer graphics, design or the arts. The focus is to improve the interaction between humans and machines, by leveraging both more traditional HCI approaches, as well as solutions that involve state-of-the art AI techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, data mining, knowledge representation and reasoning."

  • 9th International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries, 23 - 26 May 2017, Limerick, Ireland. Call for papers. The submission deadline for abstracts is 20 December 2016.

    "This...conference...brings together different disciplines on library and information science; it is a multi-disciplinary conference that covers the Library and Information Science topics in conjunction to other disciplines (e.g. big data, open data and open source, innovation and technological transfer, management and marketing, statistics and data analysis, information technology, human resources, museums, archives, special librarianship, etc)."

  • Eighth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2017), 29 - 31 March 2017, Juarez, Mexico. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 8 January 2017.

    "The Eighth International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT 2017) is a forum for scientists, engineers, and practitioners to present their latest research results, ideas, developments and applications in the areas of Computer Communications, Communication networks, Communication Software Communication Technologies and Applications, and other related themes."

  • 17th ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL '17), 19 - 23 June 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Call for papers. The submission deadline for tutorials and workshops is 15 January 2017; for full and short papers the submission deadline is 29 January 2017.

    "The field of digital libraries has undergone dramatic changes as digital collections grow in scale and diversity. These changes call for novel analytical tools and methodologies for making sense of large amounts of heterogeneous data, for deriving diverse kinds of knowledge, and for linking across different collections and research disciplines. Thus the theme of the 2017 conference is #TOScale #TOAnalyze #TODiscover. Digital libraries must improve outreach efforts, engage diverse communities, and provide scholars and users with effective and flexible access to materials which will in turn empower them to make new observations and discoveries."

  • 2017 University of San Diego Digital Initiatives Symposium 1 - 2 May 2017, San Diego, California, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 16 January 2017.

    "This day and a half conference features workshops and user group meetings for a variety of institutional repository platforms, focusing on the digital elements of library ecosystems and institutional repositories."


Goings On

  • International Conference on Accessibility to a Digital World, 16 December 2016, Guwahati, India.

    "The 1st International Conference on Accessibility to Digital World (ICADW) is the first conference in the field of Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Engineering encompassing all North East Indian institutes/organizations where North East India's specific issues will directly or indirectly be reflected in the themes of the conference."

  • IEEE International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Security Trends (CAST-2016), 19 - 21 December 2016, Pune, India.

    "The IEEE International Conference on Computing, Analytics and Security Trends (CAST-2016) aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, scholars, students, academicians and professionals to have insight in recent advances, new techniques and applications in the field of Computing, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security and Bio-Computing."

  • Knowledge Globalization Conference 2016, 28 - 29 December 2016, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    "The theme is Digital Education for Developing Countries - Education of the Future. Education in developing countries needs to rely heavily on technology. Demands, costs, and quality are the main issues of higher education in developing countries. The conference will explore opportunities and advances in digital education and training, addressing these issues through paper presentations, plenary sessions, case discussions, demonstrations and training."

  • International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research: MR2017, 7 - 8 January 2017, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    "MR2017 is the premier forum in Asia for the presentation of new trends, advances and research results in Multidisciplinary research. It will bring together leading academics, scientists and researchers from around the world."

  • American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting, 20 - 24 January 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

    "The ALA Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference are the premier global library events each year, bringing together the newsmakers, innovators, thought leaders, and influencers in the library field, from all over the world."

  • Future of Education Technology Conference, 24 - 27 January 2017, Orlando, Florida, USA.

    "The conference is the largest, national, independent education technology conference for preK-12 education leaders, administrators and technologists to connect and collaborate on leveraging technology to drive student success."

  • 11th International Conference on Semantic Computing, 30 January - 1 February 2017, San Diego, California, USA.

    "Semantic Computing (SC) is Computing based on Semantics ('meaning', 'context', 'intention'). It addresses all types of resources including data, document, tool, device, process and people. The scope of SC includes analytics, semantics description languages and integration, interfaces, and applications including biomed, IoT, cloud computing, SDN, wearable computing, context awareness, mobile computing, search engines, question answering, big data, multimedia, and services."

Deadline Reminders

  • Digitorium 2017, 2 - 4 March 2017, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline for abstracts is 5 December 2016.
  • ESWC2017, 28 May - 1 June 2017, Portoroz, Slovenia. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 7 December 2016.

(Unless otherwise noted, text above enclosed in quotation marks is quoted from the web sites for those items or events or from press releases received by D-Lib Magazine from the hosting or event-affiliated organizations.)

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