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D-Lib Magazine
May 2004

Volume 10 Number 5

ISSN 1082-9873

A Special Issue on Georeferencing and Geospatial Data

Last year, at the Third ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries in Houston, Texas, I attended a very interesting half-day tutorial led by Dr. Linda Hill from the Alexandria Digital Library, University of California, Santa Barbara. The title of the tutorial was "Introduction to Georeferencing in Digital Libraries." The session was excellent, and the idea of devoting an entire issue of D-Lib Magazine to the topic was born.

Subsequently, I invited Dr. Hill to be guest editor of a themed issue on georeferencing and geospatial data, and I was very pleased when she agreed to do so. Guest editors of D-Lib invite articles and select a collection to feature that complements the special issue theme. After the substantive editing tasks are completed by the guest editor, articles come to me for HTML markup, copyediting, and integration into the format of the magazine. This month's special issue of D-Lib Magazine is the result of our collaboration.

I am delighted to see how the idea of this special issue on georeferencing has come to fruition. Dr. Hill, ably assisted by Leslie Champeny, an MLIS graduate student at UCLA, has assembled a wonderful collection of articles for this issue of D-Lib Magazine. Their work and that of the authors whose articles are presented here have resulted in a primer on georeferencing in digital libraries.

Bonita Wilson

Copyright© 2004 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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DOI: 10.1045/may2004-editorial