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D-Lib Magazine
March/April 2007

Volume 13 Number 3/4

ISSN 1082-9873

Introducing the D-Lib Alliance

In the January/February D-Lib Magazine editorial, Larry Lannom alerted the readership of D-Lib Magazine that the need for funding for the magazine has reached a critical point. He explained that, until adequate funds could be raised for the magazine, the publishing frequency for D-Lib would be reduced to bimonthly issues until mid-2007, at which point the continued publication of the magazine would need to be reassessed.

Shortly after the January issue was publicly released, Rush Miller, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh, offered to contribute $5,000 to help support the ongoing open access publication of D-Lib Magazine. His generous offer encouraged us to begin contacting others in the digital library community about providing similar support for the magazine. I'm happy to report that, although our efforts are just getting underway, several other organizations have provided – or have committed to provide – financial and advisory support for D-Lib by joining the D-Lib Alliance, which has been created to serve as the vehicle by which organizations may support the magazine. In addition to the seven institutions shown on the D-Lib Alliance participant page this month, we have verbal commitments from a number of others, the names of which will appear on the Alliance participant page associated with the next issue of D-Lib Magazine.

Please consider joining the D-Lib Alliance. The money raised now for D-Lib Magazine through the D-Lib Alliance will enable the magazine to continue while, at the same time, we search for one or a combination of business models that will guarantee the magazine's existence for many years to come.

For more information about the D-Lib Alliance, including how to join, please contact me at <>.

Bonita Wilson

Copyright© 2007 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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