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D-Lib Magazine
March 2005

Volume 11 Number 3

ISSN 1082-9873

WebWise 2005

The sixth WebWise conference was held in Washington, DC, early this month, sponsored by the Institute of Museum and Library Resources (IMLS) and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Like each of the earlier WebWise conferences, WebWise 2005 was a successful and enlightening event.

Since 2002, WebWise conference proceedings have been published in First Monday (look for this year's proceedings in First Monday's May 2005 issue), and the proceedings from WebWise 2000 and 2001 – the first two years of the conference – are available at the IMLS web site. Next month, a webcast of highlights of the WebWise 2005 conference will also be available for viewing at the IMLS web site. In addition, over the next few months some of the extraordinary collections and services presented at WebWise will be featured in D-Lib Magazine, beginning with this month's feature of the Maine Music Box.

From the first conference onward, WebWise themes have focused on the ways libraries and museums have served an expanding user base by creating and providing access to digital collections. This year, the theme was "Teaching and Learning with Digital Resources," and as in previous years, the WebWise 2005 project presentations and demonstrations were impressive and inspiring.

The conference presentations also brought attention to the challenges that libraries and museums still face as they become increasingly engaged in providing services in a digital world. These challenges include (among others) digital rights management, digital preservation, and sustainability. These are overlapping challenges with technological, policy, and economic aspects – the technological challenges arguably being the easiest to solve.

If you provide, or are planning to provide, digital content and services, I encourage you to learn more about how others are tackling these challenges. You can do this by taking advantage of the free access to the WebWise proceedings at First Monday and the IMLS web site, as well as by following the continuing discussions that appear in each issue of D-Lib Magazine.

Bonita Wilson

Copyright© 2005 Corporation for National Research Initiatives

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