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November/December 2011
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C L I P S   A N D   P O I N T E R S

November/December 2011


In Print

  • Library Linked Data Incubator Group Final Report, Thomas Baker, Emmanuelle Bermès, Karen Coyle, et. al., W3C Incubator Group Report, 25 October 2011.

    "The mission of the W3C Library Linked Data Incubator Group, chartered from May 2010 through August 2011, has been 'to help increase global interoperability of library data on the Web, by bringing together people involved in Semantic Web activities – focusing on Linked Data – in the library community and beyond, building on existing initiatives, and identifying collaboration tracks for the future.' In Linked Data, data is expressed using standards such as Resource Description Framework (RDF), which specifies relationships between things, and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs, or "Web addresses"). This final report of the Incubator Group examines how Semantic Web standards and Linked Data principles can be used to make the valuable information assets that library create and curate – resources such as bibliographic data, authorities, and concept schemes – more visible and re-usable outside of their original library context on the wider Web."

  • Communicating Science and Engineering Data in the Information Age, Panel on Communicating National Science Foundation Science and Engineering Information to Data Users; National Research Council, National Academies Press, 2011.

    "The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) communicates its science and engineering (S&E) information to data users in a very fluid environment that is undergoing modernization at a pace at which data producer dissemination practices, protocols, and technologies, on one hand, and user demands and capabilities, on the other, are changing faster than the agency has been able to accommodate. NCSES asked the Committee on National Statistics and the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council to form a panel to review the NCSES communication and dissemination program that is concerned with the collection and distribution of information on science and engineering and to recommend future directions for the program."

  • OhioLINK-OCLC Collection and Circulation Analysis Project 2011, OhioLINK Collection Building Task Force, Julia Gammon and Edward T. O'Neill, published by OCLC Research, in collaboration with OhioLINK, 2011.

    "This report highlights findings and describes data publicly available from the collaborative OhioLINK-OCLC Collection and Circulation Analysis project, which joined OhioLINK circulation data with WorldCat bibliographic records to produce a base file of circulation records for nearly 30 million different books.The size of the combined collection and the number and diversity of participating institutions make this by far the largest and most comprehensive study of academic library circulation ever undertaken."

  • Hacking the Academy, the Edited Volume, Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt, MPublishing (the publishing division of the University of Michigan Library).

    "This volume was assembled and edited by Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt from the best of over 300 submissions received during a spirited week when the two editors actively solicited ideas for how the academy could be beneficially reformed using digital media and technology....The volume is forthcoming in print under the University of Michigan Press digitalculturebooks imprint."

  • UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey, Chan Li, California Digital Library; Felicia Poe, California Digital Library; Michele Potter, UC Riverside; Brian Quigley, UC Berkeley; and Jacqueline Wilson, California Digital Library, University of California Libraries, May 2011.

    From the Executive Summary: "In 2008, the University of California Libraries initiated the Springer e-Book Pilot Project with the goal of developing appropriate systemwide processes for acquiring and managing licensed e-books, as well as informing future licensing activities. Evaluation of the UC academic community's experience utilizing the Springer e-book collection began in 2010, and a UC systemwide survey was launched by the UC Libraries in October 2010 for the purpose of assessing the user experience."

  • NISO RP-11-2011, ESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On, published by the National Information Standards Organization, October 2011.

    "The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has announced the publication of this new Recommended Practice...that identifies practical solutions for improving the use of single sign-on authentication technologies to ensure a seamless experience for the user. This recommended practice is the result of the NISO Chair's Initiative – a project of the chair of NISO's Board of Directors, focusing on a specific issue that would benefit from study and the development of a recommended practice or standard. Oliver Pesch, Chief Strategist for E-Resource Access and Management Services at EBSCO Information Services and the 2008-2009 Chair of NISO's Board of Directors, chose the issue of standardizing seamless, item-level linking through single sign-on (SSO) authentication technologies in a networked information environment, which resulted in the formation of the ESPReSSO Working Group....The ESPReSSO Recommended Practice is available for free download from the NISO website."

  • Table of Contents and Executive Summary to Collecting Global Resources, SPEC Kit 324, published by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), September 2011.

    "This SPEC Kit explores the trends, practices, and challenges in collecting global resources in North American research libraries at a time of political and economic change, on the one hand, and of significant change in scholarly communication and collection management strategies, on the other."

  • Digital Preservation, SPEC Kit 325, published by the Association of Research Libraries, October 2011.

    "SPEC Kit 325 explores the strategies that ARL member institutions use to protect evolving research collections and examines the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders. The survey asked ARL libraries about their digital content; their strategies for preserving that content; and the staff, time, and funding they currently devote to digital preservation. It also asked each responding library to compare its digital preservation activities of three years ago to current activities and project three years into the future. In addition, to better understand the roles of research libraries in the emergent field of digital curation, the survey sought to identify issues that are and are not being addressed through current practices and policies....The table of contents and executive summary from this SPEC Kit are available online at http://www.arl.org/bm~doc/spec-325-web.pdf."

  • LIBRES, Volume 21, issue 2, September 2011.

    "LIBRES is an international refereed electronic journal devoted to new research in Library and Information Science."

  • Information Standards Quarterly, Summer 2011, Volume 23, Issue 3, published by NISO (National Information Standards Organization).

    "The Summer 2011 issue of NISO's Information Standards Quarterly magazine is now available in open access in PDF from the NISO website. Guest Content Editor, Helen Henderson, Managing Director at Information Power Ltd. has assembled an excellent overview of the major standards and initiative on the special issue theme of Organization and People Identifiers. As she states in her introductory letter: 'Identifiers have always been essential standards in libraries and publishing. Content identifiers, such as the ISBN, are well established, but institutional and personal identifiers are much newer, the need having emerged as more and more content is available electronically.'"

  • Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (October), published by the Library of Congress, October 2011.

    "In this issue:

    • Personal Digital Archiving talked about at the National Book Festival and on our blog, "The Signal"
    • More from our ABCs of Digital Preservation series on "The Signal" - B is for Bit Preservation and C is for Collections
    • A look at digital preservation grant programs
    • Perspectives on scientific data management
    • Recent news from the Library of Congress Web Archiving Team
    • An update on the National Digital Stewardship Alliance
    • Recaps from recent meetings - Designing Storage Architectures for Preservation Collections, the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, SAA 2011, and the 2011 Annual Summer Meeting of DataCite
    • News from the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Train the Trainer workshop"
  • Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter (November), published by the Library of Congress, November 2011.

    "In this issue:

    • The Library of Congress launches Viewshare.org
    • Data is the New Black – thinking about collections as "big data"
    • A recap of the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education Train the Trainer Workshop
    • Information about digital preservation-friendly file formats for scanned images
    • More from our ABCs of Digital Preservation series on "The Signal" - D is for Data and E is for Ecology
    • A profile of Digital Preservation Pioneer Helen Tibbo
    • Personal digital archiving information for your digital photos
    • Featured Interviews: Brett Bobley, CIO and Director of Digital Humanities Office at NEH and Michael Edson, Director of Web and New Media Strategy for the Smithsonian Institution
    • Information or Artifact? A four-part series on the topic of informational and artifactual values in the digitization of books and photo-negatives
    • Recaps from recent meetings – Association of Moving Image Archivists Digital Asset Symposium 2011, The Future of the Past of the Web event, and Best Practices Exchange 2011"
  • What's New, Issue 38, October 2011, a joint publication of the Digital Preservation Coalition and the Digital Curation Center.

    "In this issue:

    • What's On - forthcoming events from October 2011 onwards
    • What's New - new reports and initiatives since the last issue
    • What's What - Repositories and CRISs and research data management - oh, my! - Joy Davidson and Andrew McHugh (DCC)
    • Who's Who 1- Sixty second interview with Alison Heatherington, Digital Preservation Project Manager, Parliamentary Archives
    • Who's Who 2 - Sixty second interview with Ginny Browne, Digital Assets Librarian, OCLC
    • Your View? - comments and views from readers"
  • What's New (November), Issue 39, November 2011, a joint publication of the Digital Preservation Coalition and the Digital Curation Center.

    "In this issue:

    • What's On - forthcoming events from November 2011 onwards
    • What's New - new reports and initiatives since the last issue
    • What's What - Too big to fail (William Kilbride)
    • Who's Who - Sixty second interview with Janet Delve, University of Portsmouth
    • One World - Mariella Guercio on Digital Preservation in Italy
    • Your View? - comments and views from readers

Point to Point

  • Presentation slides from the 10th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems workshop, held in conjunction with the International Conference on Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries 2011, 26 - 28 September 2011, Berlin, Germany.

    "The 10th European NKOS workshop at TPDL explored the potential of Knowledge Organization Systems, such as classification systems, taxonomies, thesauri, ontologies, and lexical databases. These tools attempt to model the underlying semantic structure of a domain for purposes of information retrieval, knowledge discovery, language engineering, and the semantic web."

  • Proceedings of the 159th ARL Membership Meeting, held October 12 - 13, 2011 in Washington, DC. Published by the Association of Research Libraries.

    "Slides and author bios from some of the speakers at the 159th ARL Membership Meeting are available at the ARL web site. The theme of the meeting was 'Expanding Capacity and Partnerships in the Digital World'."

  • Proceedings of the ARL-CNI Fall Forum, held October 13 - 14, 2011 in Washington, DC. Published by the Association of Research Libraries.

    "Slides from and author bios of the speakers at the ARL-CNI Fall Forum 2012 are available at the ARL web site. The theme of the meeting was '21st-Century Collections and the Urgency of Collaborative Action'. Session audio from the forum is forthcoming as well."

  • Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, Version 80: 10/30/2011, by Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

    "The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography (SEPB) presents selected English-language articles, books, and other printed and electronic sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet. The bibliography covers a wide range of topics, such as digital copyright, digital libraries, digital preservation, digital repositories, e-books, e-journals, license agreements, metadata, and open access. Most sources have been published from January 1, 1990 through October 30, 2011; however, a limited number of earlier key sources are also included. The bibliography includes links to freely available versions of included works."


Calls for Participation

  • 4th Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference, 22 - 25 May 2012, Limerick, Ireland. Call for papers. The submission deadline for abstracts is 15 December 2011.

    "Qualitative and Quantitative Methods (QQM) are proved more and more popular tools for Librarians, because of their usefulness to the everyday professional life. QQM aim to the assessment and improvement of the services, to the measurement of the functional effectiveness and efficiency. QQM are the mean to make decisions on fund allocation and financial alternatives. Librarians use also QQM in order to determine why and when their users appreciate their services."

  • 8th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries IRCDL 2012: Taking Care of Legacy and Cultural Heritage Documents, 9 - 10 February 2012, Bari, Italy. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 18 December 2011.

    "IRCDL is a yearly appointment for Italian researchers on Digital Libraries and related topics. This year the focus of IRCDL is on legacy and cultural heritage material. Indeed, Digital Library Systems are getting more and more mature and largely deployed. Not only do they have to ensure users effective and personalized access to information but it is also now time to face the need for smoothly processing and including in the DL repositories available legacy and cultural heritage documents, in addition to born-digital ones. This calls for the ability to deal with compound objects in different media, to provide uniform solutions and methodologies across different cultural heritage institutions, and to take into account preservation, restoration, and curation."

  • ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - CHI 2012, 5 - 10 May 2012, Austin, Texas, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 9 January 2012 (except for Video Track, for which the deadline for video clips is 23 November 2011).

    "The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference on human-computer interaction. CHI 2012 [will] focus on the centrality of experience – from the models, theories and practical insights we need to understand and design for user experience to the irreplaceable value of experiencing innovation in our field through hands-on interactivity."

  • 16th International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub 2012), 14 - 15 June 2012, Guimarães, Portugal. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 9 January 2012.

    "Elpub 2012 will be focusing on the social shaping of digital publishing by exploring the interplay between culture and technology. A wide variety of papers are sought from members of the communities whose research and experiments are transforming the nature of electronic publishing and scholarly communications."

  • The International Conference on Digital Information and Wireless Communications (ICDIWC2012), 8 - 10 March 2012, Coimbatore, India. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 10 January 2012.

    The conference welcomes papers on a long list of research topics. A few suggested topics follow, but prospective submitters should see the entire list at the conference web site.

    • Network Security
    • Social Networks
    • Image Processing
    • Information Ethics
    • Web Services Security
    • Multimedia Computing
    • Semantic Web, Ontologies
    • E-Technology
    • E-Government
    • E-Learning
    • Cloud Computing
    • Grid Computing
    • Computer Security
    • XML-Based Languages
    • Indexing and Query Processing for Moving Objects
    • User Interfaces and Usability Issues form Mobile Applications
    • Information and Data Management
  • Conference on Science and the Internet 2012, 1 - 3 August 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 15 January 2012.

    "This interdisciplinary conference...brings together researchers and practitioners from multiple disciplines (e.g. information science, computer science, sociology, communication and media studies, linguistics, educations studies, legal studies, etc.)..."

  • ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, 10 - 14 June 2012, Wshington, DC, USA. Call for papers. The submission deadline for papers is 23 January 2012. Short Papers, Panels, Posters, Demonstrations, Workshops, and Tutorials are due January 30, 2012.

    "The ACM/IEEE Joint Conference on Digital Libraries is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, organizational, and social issues. JCDL encompasses the many meanings of the term 'digital libraries', including (but not limited to) new forms of information institutions and organizations; operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, distributing, and accessing digital content; theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing; and theory and practice of use of managed content in science and education."

  • 3rd International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World IMCW 2012, 19 - 21 September 2012, Ankara, Turkey. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 23 January 2012.

    "IMCW2012 aims to bring together both researchers and information professionals to discuss the implications of e-science for information management. Some of these issues and challenges are as follows: information literacy, intellectual property rights, e-science and open access data archives, information processing and visualizations tools, collection development and management, e-science librarianship, etc."

  • FOIS 2012: 7th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems, 24 - 27 July 2012, Graz, Austria. Call for papers. The submission deadline is 31 January 2012.

    "The FOIS conference is designed to provide a meeting point for researchers from all disciplines with an interest in formal ontology. The conference encourages submission of high quality articles on both theoretical issues and concrete applications. As in previous years, FOIS 2012 is intended as a nexus of interdisciplinary research and communication."

  • Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) 2012, 18 - 22 June 2012, Zadar, Croatia. Call for papers. The submission deadline is for extended abstracts is 31 January 2012.

    "Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) is a biennial international conference that focuses on the challenging and rapidly transforming nature of libraries and information systems and services. In recognition of today's continually evolving online and mediated technological environment, 'CHANGES' has been chosen as the theme for LIDA 2012, which is divided into two parts. The first part addresses advances in applications and practice and the second part covers research and development. LIDA 2012 brings together researchers, educators, practitioners, and developers from all over the world in a forum for personal exchanges, discussions, and learning, made memorable by being held in an enchanting and spectacularly beautiful city on the shore of the Adriatic Sea." (Editor's note: The link to the conference was not working at the time of publication. For more information, contact Tefko Saracevic tefkos@rutgers.edu.)


Goings On

  • 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-45), 4 - 7 January 2012, Grand Wailea, Maui, Hawaii, USA.

    "HICSS-45 contains the following tracks, or areas of research concentration:

    • Collaboration Systems and Technologies
    • Decision Technology, Mobile Technologies and Service Science
    • Digital Media: Content and Communication
    • Electronic Government
    • Electric Energy Systems
    • Information Technology in Health Care
    • Internet and the Digital Economy
    • Knowledge Systems
    • Organizational Systems and Technology
    • Software Technology"
  • Digital Preservation Management Workshop, 8 - 13 January 2012, Coral Gables, Florida, USA.

    "The Digital Preservation Management Workshops, a series presented since 2003, incorporate community standards and exemplars of good practice to provide practical guidance for developing effective digital preservation programs. The workshops, partially funded by grants from the NEH, were initially developed at Cornell University beginning in 2003 under the direction of Anne Kenney and Nancy McGovern and have been further developed under the direction of Nancy McGovern at ICPSR since 2008."

  • Bobcatsss, 23 - 25 January 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    "Professionals as well as students in the field of information management are invited to participate in the conference. The main topic will be 'Information in E-motion' with the subtopics: 'E-media in Motion', 'My Information', 'Organisations 2.0' and 'Access to Public Information'."

  • Digital Book World Conference & Expo, 23 - 25 January 2012, New York, New York, USA.

    "Digital Book World is the first conference to document industry changes and provide optimistic, actionable ways for publishing professionals to immediately grow revenue and cultivate the nimble mindset essential for success in the new book landscape."

  • PROMISE Winter School 2012: Information Retrieval meets Information Visualization, 23 - 27 January 2012, Zinal, Valais, Switzerland.

    "Large-scale worldwide experimental evaluations provide fundamental contributions to the advancement of state-of-the-art techniques through common evaluation procedures, regular and systematic evaluation cycles, comparison and benchmarking of the adopted approaches, and spreading of knowledge. In the process, vast amounts of experimental data are generated that beg for analysis tools to enable interpretation and thereby facilitate scientific and technological progress....PROMISE will provide a virtual laboratory for conducting participative research and experimentation to carry out, advance and bring automation into the evaluation and benchmarking of such complex information systems, by facilitating management and offering access, curation, preservation, re-use, analysis, visualization, and mining of the collected experimental data."

Deadline Reminders

(Unless otherwise noted, text above enclosed in quotation marks is quoted from the web sites for those items or events or from press releases received by D-Lib Magazine from the hosting or event-affiliated organizations.)

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