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Now and Into the Future
by Laurence Lannom, Corporation for National Research Initiatives



Institutional Repositories and Digital Preservation: Assessing Current Practices at Research Libraries
Article by Yuan Li, University of Syracuse and Meghan Banach, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Abstract: In spring 2010, authors from the University of Massachusetts Amherst conducted a national survey on digital preservation of Institutional Repository (IR) materials among Association of Research Libraries (ARL) member institutions. Examining the current practices of digital preservation of IR materials, the survey of 72 research libraries reveals the challenges and opportunities of implementing digital preservation for IRs in a complex environment with rapidly evolving technology, practices, and standards. Findings from this survey will inform libraries about the current state of digital preservation for IRs.

Building an Institutional Discovery Layer for Virtual Research Collections
Article by Malcolm Wolski, Joanna Richardson and Robyn Rebollo, Griffith University, Australia

Abstract: University libraries are under pressure to ensure that their strategies and services to support researchers are aligned with the parent organization's research goals. Important to researchers are not only research information needs — which necessarily underpin their research — but also the discoverability and accessibility of their own research outputs. While libraries have a history of designing discovery systems, new research paradigms are presenting both challenges and opportunities for libraries to reconceptualise such systems within a broader context. This paper describes a nationally funded Australian university initiative to build a research repository which feeds data into both a national research data service and university library discovery tools. Challenges and benefits are discussed.

Model-Oriented Scientific Research Reports
Article by Robert Allen, Drexel University

Abstract: While the familiar text-based scientific research report format has served well, it has shortcomings that would be ameliorated by a model-oriented approach. Although many aspects of scientific research reports are already structured, we propose extending structure as far as possible. Models which have been developed in computer and information science for structuring information would provide the framework for scientific research reports while text would play a smaller role. We introduce an approach to describing research design and provide a framework for conceptual process models. We also outline some possibilities for user interfaces and a library of research reports that leverage the model-oriented approach. Model-oriented research reports would improve the traditional IMRD format by providing much greater structure and specification of constraints.

JPEG 2000 for Long-term Preservation: JP2 as a Preservation Format
Article by Johan van der Knijff, KB / National Library of the Netherlands

Abstract: Despite the increasing popularity of JPEG 2000 in the archival community, the suitability of the JP2 format for long-term preservation has been poorly addressed by existing literature. This paper demonstrates how some parts of the JP2 file specification (related to ICC profiles and grid resolution) contain ambiguous information, leading to a situation where different software vendors are interpreting the standard in slightly different ways. This results in a number of risks for preservation. These risks could be reduced by applying some minor changes to the format specification, in combination with the adherence to the updated standard by software vendors.


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F E A T U R E D   D I G I T A L

Photograph of Train Station in Point of Rocks, Maryland

[Photograph © Rob Kitchen. Image courtesy of American-Rails.com. Used with permission.]



The author of American-Rails.com has held a personal interest in trains for most of his life — everything from miniature models that can be purchased at a local hobby shop to the real thing. The idea behind the American-Rails.com website was to gather, in one place, as much history and information about railroads as possible. Prior to the creation of American-Rails.com this information was already available online, but it was scattered in various sites around the web.

Topics found within the American-Rails.com website include virtually all of the classic "fallen flag" railroads; steam and diesel locomotives; famous streamliners; railroad museums and excursion trains; today's railroads, commuter and passenger trains; and much more. To date American-Rails.com includes more than 1,000 individual articles, a number that continues to grow.

The goal of American-Rails.com is not only to bring attention to our country's railroad history and current state, but also to provide an educational resource tool that describes American railroading in general.

Overall, it is the author's hope that American-Rails.com will be a beneficial guide both for those "rail-fans" out there who may want to know the details about a particular aspect of American railroads as well as anyone with a passing interest who is looking for an answer to a common railroading question.


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