Appendix B: Controlled Lists for Use with the eLib Collection Description

B.1 Relation Element

These are Dublin Core relation types with two additional types: IsCataloguedBy and IsCatalogueFor.

  1. IsPartOf
  2. HasPart
  3. IsVersionOf
  4. HasVersion
  5. IsFormatOf
  6. HasFormat
  7. References
  8. IsReferencedBy  the collection has a record in e.g. an OPAC
  9. IsBasedOn
  10. IsBasisFor
  11. IsCataloguedBy  the collection has its own catalogue/list/index
  12. IsCatalogueFor  the collection is a catalogue e.g. an OPAC

B.2 Type Element

The boundaries between these collection types are not rigid and are open to different interpretations. Any one collection can be described by a combination of these types, so the field is repeatable in the database entry. This list is under review at the moment.

Collection.Catalogue - manually created

Collection.Catalogue.Internet, e.g. Yahoo

Collection.Catalogue.Internet.Subject e.g.SOSIG, OMNI

Collection.Catalogue.Library e.g. an OPAC



Collection.Index created automatically e.g. by web robot

Collection.Index.Internet e.g. Alta Vista


Collection.Text e.g. Mailbase archives

Collection.Image e.g. photographic collection, art collection

Collection.Sound e.g. recorded music, speech

Collection.Dataset structured information in lists, tables e.g. census data

Collection.Software e.g. HENSA

Collection.Interactive e.g. multimedia learning objects

Collection.Event non-persistent, time-based occurrences, e.g. Follett Lecture series

Collection.PhysicalObject  not text, image or others above, e.g. matchboxes, sculpture


Collection.Library.Special as designated by the library

Collection.Library.Subject shelved/housed by subject

Collection.Library.Form shelved/housed by form e.g. maps

Collection.Library.User arranged for specific group purpose

Collection.Library.Database on-line databases, CD-ROMS etc.

Collection.Museum artefacts etc.

Collection.Archive covers complete life/work of individual or organisation

Collection.DigitalArchive digital objects stored for preservation

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