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March 1996
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From the Editor: The Double-Edged Sword of Access
To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

1990 Census LOOKUP: Mining a Mountain of Data
Deane W. Merrill
Nathan G. Parker
Harvard H. Holmes
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley
Chris Stuber
Valerie J. Gregg
U.S. Bureau of the Census

New Center at Columbia University for Digital Library Research: Fostering Interdisciplinary Research and Bridging Cultural Clashes
Judith Klavans
Columbia University

Access and Discovery: Issues and Choices in Designing DIFWICS
Jeremy Hylton
Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Recent Developments in GALEN II: Evolution of a Digital Library for the Health Sciences
John A. Kunze
Brian N. Warling
Library and Center for Knowledge Management
University of California, San Francisco

Project Briefings and Updates

TURNIP: The URN Interoperability Project
Renato Iannella
DSTC Pty Ltd

A Brief Update on the Alexandria Digital Library Project: Constructing a Digital Library for Geographically-Referenced Materials
Terence R. Smith
University of California, Santa Barbara

Digital Libraries in the Classroom
Elliott Soloway
University of Michigan

Highlights related to the Government Information Locator Service (GILS): Toward a Global Information Locator
Eliot Christian
U.S. Geological Survey

Z39.50 and the World Wide Web
Sebastian Hammer
Index Data
John Favaro
Intecs Sistemi

Oregon State University's Government Information Sharing Project
Jacquelyn Miller
Oregon State University

Clips and Pointers
  • Five professional societies and publishers of scientific and technical information adopt a Publisher Item identifier (PII) for unique identification of documents
  • SISAC: Developing standards for serials
  • The UK eLib program posts flyers for more than 40 projects
  • World Wide Arts Resources maintains geographically-organized lists of museum sites
  • WebMuseum creates location-independent art collections
  • The Getty Center for Education in the Arts establishes ArtsEdNet
  • The Variations Project: Distributed, multimedia music library at Indiana University
  • The Electronic Beowulf Project and GRENDL: Reconstructing and interpreting a manuscript
  • VRML: Example applications to art and architecture
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