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Contributed by
Richard Hill
American Society for Information Science
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA


Special Topic Issue: Digital Libraries: Part 2
Guest Editor: Hsinchun Chen



  • Introduction to the Special Topic Issue, In This Issue
    Hsinchun Chen

    Towards Building a Global Digital Library: Over the past decade, there are several trends that have been steadily encouraging the transition to a global digital library. The four major drivers include: economics, improved service, new technologies, and standards. This second part of the Digital Library special issue consists of 7 papers that report research in digital library technologies, services, and social studies.

  • A Spoken Access Approach for Chinese Text and Speech Information Retrieval
    Lee-Feng Chien, Hsin-Min Wang, Bo-Ren Bai, and Sun-Chein Lin

    Chien, Wang, Bai, and Lin present an efficient access approach for both Chinese text and Mandarin speech information retrieval.

  • Determining the Publication Impact of a Digital Library
    Nancy R. Kaplan and Michael L Nelson

    Kaplan and Nelson assessed the publication impact of the NASA Langley Technical Report Server, a digital library of aerospace scientific and technical information.

  • Combination and Boundary Detection Approaches on Chinese Indexing
    Christopher C. Yang, Johnny W.K. Luk, Stanley K. Yung, and Jerome Yen

    Yang, Luk, Yung, and Yen present combination and boundary detection approaches based on mutual information for Chinese segmentation.

  • Comparing Noun Phrasing Techniques for Use with Medical Digital Library Tools
    Kristin M. Tolle and Hsinchun Chen

    Tolle and Chen report a noun phrasing technique that was developed in the context of the Illinois DLI project and tested for medical digital library indexing.

  • Content and Knowledge Management in a Digital Library and Museum
    Jian-Hua Yeh, Jia-Yang Chang, and Yen-Jen Oyang

    Yeh, Chang, and Oyang discuss the design of a digital library that addresses content and knowledge management.

  • Previews and Overviews in Digital Libraries: Designing Surrogates to Support Visual Information Seeking
    Stephan Greene, Gary Marchionini, Catherine Plaisant, and Ben Shneiderman

    Greene, Marchionini, Plaisant, and Shneiderman present a framework for the design of information representations in terms of previews and overviews to aid designers of digital library interfaces.

  • Digital Libraries: Situating Use in Changing Information Infrastructure
    Ann Peterson Bishop, Laura J. Neumann, Susan Leigh Star, Cecelia Merkel, Emily Ignacio, and Robert J. Sandusky

    Bishop, Neumann, Star, Merkel, Ignacio, and Sandusky present research conducted by the Social Science Team of the Illinois DLI project. Basic results on the nature and extent of testbed use are presented, followed by a discussion of three analytical foci relating to digital library use.

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