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April 1996
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From the Editor: The Tragedy of the Commons, Revisited (Again)
To the Editor: HyperNews

Stories and Briefings

A Need for a Common Infrastructure: Digital Libraries and Electronic Commerce
Daniel Schutzer

Advanced Web Presentation through Data Modeling: An Open Architecture for the Personalized Webs of the Future
Leon Shklar
Bellcore and Rutgers University

Historical Collections for the National Digital Library: Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress (The first of a two-part story.)
Caroline R. Arms
Library of Congress

Clips and Pointers

  • DELOS kick-off meeting reviews U.S. and European digital library research projects
  • WWW Usage Statistics: Who is accessing your site?
  • New Astronomy to come on-line, May 15, 1996
  • CIESIN announces the beta release of an Internet-accessible interface to the CIESIN Gateway system
  • U.N. database of agricultural information on the Internet
  • USDA sponsors USDA Economics and Statistics System at Cornell University's Mann Library
  • REGIS and GRASSLinks: GIS projects at Berkeley
  • The Library of Virginia completes Phase I of its Digital Library Project
  • The Global Library at the New York Public Library now available as an on-line exhibit
  • Research on computers in the classroom at Berkeley
  • CEDAR investigates handwriting recognition and digital document interpretation
  • Bellcore's SuperBook and other projects
  • New additions to the Scout Toolkit
  • 10th Revision Directory of Scholarly and Professional E- Conferences available
  • Copyright Management Center page provides pointers to intellectual property resources
  • The Technology Spotlight

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